The Orchard Music vs FFSTV

October 22, 2014 in Vlog by FFSTV

We have just made our first APPEAL via the YouTube copyright system, which opens us up to legal proceedings all thanks to the flagrant claims made by The Orchard Music in bad faith.

The Orchard Music is by FAR the worst perpetrator (in our experience) of bad faith copyright claims on YouTube. The following videos have had matches applied to them, which we have disputed and the claims have been subsequently REINSTATED:

Skylanders Trap Team Trailer:

Electronic Arts E3 2014 Press Conference:

Destiny Launch Trailer:

We have appeals ONE of the THREE bad faith reinstatements because appealing all three at once would give The Orchard Music the ability to apply three strikes to our account, effectively shutting it down. Considering their behaviour thus far, it is easy to see that as a possible scenario.

Here is an article that lists some of the worst copyright trolls including The Orchard Music:

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