Look at the #VGAPAX East 2014!

April 10, 2014 in PAX East 2014 by kshade

It’s the time of the year again when people pax their pax and head east for PAX East (TODO: Make this sound less shit). Here’s some potentially interesting social media stuff to follow in case you’re suffering from VGA withdraw.

Points of interest
Facebooks: Show, Frash, Becky
Twitters: Show, PAX Tweets, for PAX people (for following via SMS), Frash, Bonky
Photos and videos: Youtube show account, Show photos on Facebook

Things to look at
I’ll be keeping an eye out for interesting videos and images. There aren’t any yet though.

#VGAPAX tag on Twitter

Goat Simulator is AWESOME!

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Pre PAX East 2014 Show and Trailer!

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Check out Thank You by Ultrasyd!

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