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    I HAVE POSTED MY REVIEW OF NEW SUPER MARIO BROS. 2: http://videogamesawesome.com/forums/topic/new-soopuh-mario-bruthaz-2-updated-opinionreview/


    Am I the only one here who is a bit tired of Nintendo releasing these half-assed 2D Mario games? Sure they are fun to play, but they have the same problems as the Call of Duty franchise. They are all exactly the same, with little to no “new” in them. and they sell like hot-cakes. They all have the same objective, same mechanics, same environments, same music and graphic styles.

    Now I get it, if they change it too much then it won’t be NSMB, I get that. But look at SMB1, then SMB3. See how much they differ, but still contain the core gameplay? Why can’t they do that with NSMB? The core gameplay is established and I want them to improve upon it with real NEW additions. New power-ups doesn’t really cut it. That’s like saying new weapons in COD make it a new experience.

    NSMB2 is why I’m getting all enraged. The coin mechanic is just there, and seems like it is lazily thrown together and collecting 1 million of them gives you a really disappointing reward, but it’s still 2D Mario which makes it okay right? -_- Now, I’m probably wrong, but NSMB is developed by lower-leveled teams (aka. n00bs) and they want them to work on something simple, but please, do some real effort for New Super Mario Bros. U. Don’t cheap out.


    All I’m saying is that I don’t want to collect the same 3 star coins anymore, or collect more coins. Try something different. Also, nostalgia is nice, but don’t rely too much on it. I get it, the Raccoon Mario is nice, but there isn’t much purpose.

    What do you guys and gals think? Do you feel the same way as me? Or do you feel that NSMB shouldn’t change and doesn’t need anything else? I’m interested. THANKS!


    (Wow, I suck at explaining myself XD) <3

    –bmcj199 (Mario lover)

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    You can’t really change what the game is. You run, jump, collect stuff, done.

    I also really see no “Notable” changes from SMB1 to SMB3. They only really added  more power-ups and more “bowsers.” Otherwise pretty much the same as SMB1

    CoD is the same exact way. You run, shoot, win, done.

    And actually adding new guns to CoD does make it a “newer” experience because they all handle differently, thus people would play differently and have to learn them. Cause it’s a game based on.. guns..

    Obviously this doesn’t seem to bother the masses (doesn’t bother me).  and I’m not sure if you’ve played the newer call of duties they have a good bit of newer features. Especially the upcoming Black Ops 2. Also take into account Nintendo does not release a game of the same franchise every year.

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    Well I’ve never played any of the games so I can comment from that angle. But my question would be, what should they do then? Not to get too confrontational but…it’s easy to say “just do something different”. What would they do? How would they implement it? Would it work in a Mario game? Would fans like or hate it?

    As an example, look at the Mario Party franchise. Lots of people were saying how it was starting to get stale, and that they should change it up a bit. Well they did that with Mario Party 9, except everyone hated the changes.

    That aside, I don’t look at New Super Mario Bros as a series that would even try to change it up too much. That’s what the main series is for. I would put it with the likes of Smash Bros. or Mario Kart or even Mario Party.


    EDIT: @Nightmare: Well on a very basic level you are right; but SMB3 also had not only more powerups; but an inventory that you could use before you enter a level. So there were some changes; but the core mechanics were the same.

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    But, that was really a very minor change. Even then it really didn’t change gameplay all too much.

    Otherwise you have a great point. Mario party 9 is the odd ball now, and is hated for it’s changes. Once you’ve established a thing for that long it’s not exactly good to change it all the time. If it’s worked for so long why alter it?

    Treyarch has this mind set with developing their bit of the CoD franchise. Sticking with the IW Engine 3.0. While Infinity Ward continually tries to “Update” their engine. Which as you see with the modern warfare games there’s typically atleast 2x as many complaints for those then the Treyarch games from my experiences.

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    Slykat was just telling us the other day that the 2d platformers sell better worldwide, thats why they keep making it. And the reason for that is simple; the more casual gamers don’t want to invest in the more intensive 3d platformers like galaxy, which, while not terribly difficult, do require a bit more finesse than simply “jump + walk right”. They can afford to half-ass it because that crowd really doesn’t care enough to complain like long-time Nintendo fans do.

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    Maybe not change the game as a whole, but build more upon what is already there. Like more/better/different themed worlds and level gimmicks. Build upon Super Mario World’s world map design, more item minigames like Mario 3. More enemies then the standard goomba, koopas.

    How about if the enemies can take your power up? Like if a mushroom comes out of a box. a goomba can run into it and grow bigger? Or if a Koopa can get Fire Flower and shoot fireballs out you.

    And give Bowser a break, how about a new villain? Better designed boss battles too. (The bosses in NSMB are pathetic) New graphics? Instead of flat looking 2D plastic, make real 3D environments, or have it hand-drawn.

    Make the 3 star coins do more then unlocking levels. Make the coins you collect actually mean something like item shops, or special unlockables. And most of all, more challenge and thought into the level designs. The cannon levels are nice in NSMB2, but you can just fly over all of the obstacles.

    Changes like these can make a NSMB game stand out and not be so similar. That’s my 2 cents. (or 3)

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    I know that casuals love 2D Mario, but it is not right to half-ass a product to please them. Nintendo is the leader in innovation in gaming, this is not good for them, even if it does make them swim in cash.


    I wouldn’t mind seeing a new art style but, at the same time I’d feel hand-drawn or anything then it’s established look {Which doesn’t look like plastic} would be an odd change. Mario has always been a cartoony looking game. Why do you also assume they “half-ass” it?

    And if they introduce a new villain what could Mario possibly be so motivated to stop that they could be doing that Bowser hasn’t done already?

    And there already is a fire-balling shooting koopa. Which that is Fire Bros..


    You know, I’ve had some of those same thoughts before but…I also am very much a nostalgia gamer myself. Not all the time, but if I’m in the mood for a sidescrolling Mario game, that’s what I’m in the mood for. If I want something different then I play that. I’m not trying to tell gamers who want more innovation in Mario to suck it up, just wanted to speak as someone who actually does just plain like sidescrollers some days. And if you sometimes game with that approach, then it is kind of nice to have a new one of those every once in a while; you don’t have the levels crazy memorized but it’s still the gameplay you like.

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    The art style in NSMB is really bland IMO. Too generic and NSMBU seems to make it look less….bland…with better looking backgrounds.

    And I know they’re Fire Bros. but I’m talking about regular enemies turning into super enemies using Mario’s power ups.


    Also, some of the things you’ve mentioned have you tried playing Mario RPG or any of the Paper Mario games? Those ones do let you do things with coins, such as item shops, and do change around other mechanics. Might be worth checking out if you haven’t before. Purely my own opinion but I fell in love with the switching between 2D and 3D in Super Paper Mario; I thought that was a neat way to change it up but also give the sidescroller feel.

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    The sidescrollers of Mario are supposed to be a game you can just sit down and play without issue. It’s not supposed to be that complex, if you want that play the RPGs those have all you’re asking for.  And having most of the newer power-ups already makes the sidescroller games off-balance and having enemies with ‘Super’ versions would be even more off-balancing. Plus that’d break Mario canon. [Only Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Wario, Waluigi and Bowser can use Power-Ups]. Goombas although being able to use ‘The Boot’ is more a vehicle. Along with the super-koopas that’s a trade-off from their shell which gives them extra chance to get you instead of being one-shotted.

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    I don’t really have any problem with the NSMB games and I certainly wouldn’t say they’re half-assed. They’re fun game that are extremely well designed, intuitive and polished. Sure the artstyle is pretty bland and the music isn’t the best, but the core gameplay is superb and thats what matters. Small incremental updates and additions to the gameplay are just fine, no need to add pointless gimmicks to the game like enemies stealing abilities.That could potentially ruin the series great pacing.

    Speaking of artstyle, while NSMB U uses the same artstyle, from the videos and previews I’ve seen I can safely say that the game looks gorgeous. The artstyle (I’ve said that wordtoo many times) seems to work perfectly because of the Wii U’s power. I’ve heard many others say the same thing too.

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    Yes, the core gameplay is superb, but the rest seems lacking. I’m probably expecting way too much after the amazingness that is Super Mario World, but I stand by my opinion. I’ll get NSMB2 eventually, most likely used. All I’m saying is that each NSMB game is too similar to each other with little differentiation.


    You’re expecting Paper Mario/Mario RPG outta just Mario Bros.

    Mario has his unique games just the sidescrollers aren’t the “Wow Factors” of his series.

    And if you have such an opinion on the NSMB2 why bother getting if you won’t enjoy said game?

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    I understand what you’re saying but I don’t really agree. There were plenty of changes between NSMB and NSMB Wii. Co-op, new enemies, lots of secrets, more challenge and all that fun stuff. I haven’t played 2 since it’s not out in Europe yet, but I’m sure theres plenty of new additions to the game that’ll help differentiate itself from previous games and I’m sure NSMBU will do the same.

    Also as others have said, theres no need to bog down the game with loads of additions to the gameplay that don’t make sense.

    I’ll agree with you though on the fact that Super Mario World is a far better game. Same with Yoshi’s Island, which is the best 2d platformer evar!

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