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    Greetings, VGA Community.

    Firstly, thank you to everyone who has responded so far. With your responses, I’ve put together a preliminary schedule based on what appears to be the most convenient days/times for the most people. To start with, I’ve scheduled two days a week, with two time slots on each day, both two hours long. Obviously, there’s no obligation to show up at any of these times, or to only play during these times or anything like that, this is simply a way of trying to get as many people online at the same time as possible.

    Mondays and Saturdays
    3pm to 5pm PST, and then 6pm to 8pm PST
    Since not everyone is necessarily gonna be friends with everyone else on BattleNet yet, I advise the you get onto the VGA Discord Server during the scheduled times to see who else is playing. You don’t have to talk on mics, just use the text chat to let people know you’re playing and give them your Battletag. If you’re not yet on the Discord server, it is linked at the bottom of every Mod Report.

    I would like to get more responses from people so I can make it as convenient for everyone as possible, so if you wanna give your opinion, here’s what to do:

    1. Reply to this thread with your Battletag and what days/times are most convenient for you to play. Don’t try to think about what times others are most likely gonna want to play, the whole point is finding a time that best suits everyone.
    2. Try to post your time in PST, so there’s no confusion between different time zones. (I say PST because I imagine most VGA viewers probably live in America)
    3. If you can do multiple days/times, post them all so we have more to work with.
    4. Post what servers work best for you. If you have any significant issues regarding not being able to play properly on certain servers, be sure to mention it.
    5. Tuesday, Friday and Sunday are excluded to avoid clashing with the TF2 schedule, so you’re choosing from Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

    A few more things; firstly, this is NOT Turbo-only. Anyone is free to play, and anyone is free to post here what times are convenient for them.
    Secondly, if you play on PS4, InfinitySorcerer has made a schedule for PS4 players, though these events are Turbo-only. His thread can be found here.
    Finally, to anyone who has already posted, if your circumstances ever change and certain times are no longer convenient, make sure to make a new post and update me, and I’ll see if there’s anything that can be done.

    That’s all for now. Since we now have a schedule, make sure you get on and play as much as you can during those times. The schedule only works if we use it. Until then, Happy Overwatching! :D

    @cookiesaber892, @mrheidenseik, @paltar, @theluigi45, @frankensuppie, @bluedog98, @skauing, @jesslb429, @theawesomematt, @iank, @rods012, @friskydingo, @dmi3, @dwarf

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    My battletag is Luigi#11631 and I mostly play on American servers, but I can play on European servers.

    On monday, wednesday and thursday I can play at 1pm (pst)
    On saturday I can play at pretty much any time


    Battle tag: Suppie#11345

    I’m available Monday, Wednesday, thursday before 1pm PST and after 6pm PST. Saturday tends to be a day i dedicate to my family, so I couldn’t guarantee.
    As far as what servers, I’ve only ever used Americas and PTR so I wouldn’t know how good I run on other countries, but I can totally try!

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    Battle tag is bluedog98#11940 on the Americas server.

    I am free most Mondays and Wednesdays after 6pm PST and Saturday pretty much all day. Thursday evenings I am not always available but it would be after 6pm PST for that day as well.

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    my tag is skauing#2524
    european and american servers both work for me but I would prefer playing on europe

    literally any day of the week is good for me, any time between 7am and midnight PST probably (I’m unemployed and I just sleep whenever so chances are I’ll be asleep sometimes and awake sometimes no matter what day and time this ends up being…)

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    Heyo. I’m looking to play a bit more, and hopefully get better. Hopefully I’m not too late.

    My battletag is Jesslb429#1157

    I can play all days starting December 13th. Til then, I can play most times during the week. Until midnight PST, starting whenever. Sorry it’s so loose. My schedule is kind loose right now.

    As for server, I’ve only used American thus far. So I’m not really sure.

    And I apologize for my lack on insight. Overwatch is one of those things I want to do well, but am very intimidated.


    My battletag is matthew726#1137, and I can play on Europe or Americas.

    I’d honestly be fine to join pretty much any day of the schedule between 10 AM PST and 8 PM PST.

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    whats up, my battle tag is iank#1733 and i play in the Americas and i can play most days 6 pm to 9 pm pst, as well as sundays and most thursdays 10 am to 8 pm.

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    1. Battle tag: RodsO12#1113 (O not zero)

    2. I can do Monday nights, Wednesday nights, Friday nights and Saturday nights. I am on EST so anytime starting at 3PM PST all of these days and go to 9-10PM PST.

    3. America Server

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    Battletag: MrHeidenSeik. As for my schedule I am free Monday through Friday at 12pm PST and during the weekend I can play at any time.

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    Hey everyone!
    My battletag is devantre#1414 (US)
    Im open any day of the week,though i mainly play on weekdays. Im play from 9am pst-3pm pst. But like i said im free to play whenever.

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    Battletag: Dmi3#11433 (US)
    I’m open to play on work days after 7pm (PST), on Saturday any time.

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    Im open every day after 5 PM EST, usually. I’ll take a half-hour break at around 6:30-7:30 to go and grab/make dinner though.

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    Woo! Schedule! If this is immediately starting up, I won’t be able to make it this Saturday or Monday. Saturday I’ll just be getting off work and my work Wifi isn’t strong enough to support Overwatch and Monday I have some holiday stuff to do.

    But I’m so pumped!


    My Battletag is: Cookiesabear#1891

    I am available any weekday after 4pm PST. Weekends are open.

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    My Battletag is: Sputnik#11127

    I am available weekdays after 1:30 PST (4:30 EST) and free on weekends. :) I play on american servers.

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    My Battletag is Samaritan#11187

    I’m available any weekday after 3PM PST and I’m completely available on weekends. I’m on the American servers.

    Mainly play Reinhardt, D.Va, and Zarya, but I’m also proficient with Pharah, and decent with Junkrat, Mei, and Ana.

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    Don’t really have a schedule, but might be needed to run errands at any moment so I’ll try my best to be on time to these!

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    I’m available usually everyday (If I have time to play).
    Problem is that I’m EU, so if anyone has time it would be 10AM PST Blokb#1689

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    My Battlenet ID is JSmart#2644. I play in the EU server region and am available mostly on the weekends at any time really.

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    mombo2811#2790 EU available mostly on the weekends at any time really!

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    My battletag is KuroiMayu#1831. I play in the America server and am usually free on weekdays after 4pm PST, on weekends any time.

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    My Battletag is GBL#1186. I play on whatever server Overwatch puts me on my work schedule however is fluid other than after 5:45 PM

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    My battletag is Grizzo#2642

    America and Europe servers on random days and hours.

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