Landing page

This is the landing page for VideoGamesAwesome! We have retired the old Wordpress based page. Below you will find links to YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Patreon; as well as links and instructions on how to join and access the TURBO Club.



Contact Us

Press can contact us at; we recommend others use one of the social links below.



The way to join the TURBO Club is via Patreon.

If you are already a member and want to access the TURBO Chat and AwesomePieceTheatre, you will need an account on the TURBO Toot. If you do not already have one, fill out the form and Becky will send an invite code.

Use TURBO Sticks to access the TURBO Stream, TURBO Chat and AwesomePieceTheatre.

Whitelist thread for Minecraft, archive of AwesomePieceTheatre episodes, and so forth, may be found on the TURBO Discourse.

Our Discord is open to everyone! If you're not a member, join us there!