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Welcome to the Beta version of our new website. We are bringing in people a few at a time to give it a test and help us find it's legs. A couple notes for ya.

  • Please don't tell anyone that we are beta testing the site. We'd like to keep this to our close circle of TURBO members for now which is what TURBO Club is all about.
  • We will be using this site to do most of our communication with the TURBO Club for the next while, so check back often!
  • Fill in your profile info! We'll be using the website as a database to keep track of all your usernames in the various services (PSN, Steam, Xbox, Minecraft, ect). Turbo members will get an invite to the Turbo Club Steam group which will enable them to play on our TF2 server. We will add a feature that let's you hide these to anyone you have not added as a friend, but for now, I think you can trust other TURBO members.
  • This is not what the final website will look like. In fact, it might not even look close to this (but it probably will). Regardless, the design is in the early stages, so please don't mind the ugly bits and let us know any input you might have as it develops.
  • The site is changing, and as it changes things MIGHT break from time to time. DON'T PANIC! Also, let us know because we might not know we dun broke what we dun broke.
  • Keep an eye on this post, because I will add things to the bottom as I think of them!
I think that is all for now. Have fun guys, there is a whole lot of AWESOME coming this year, and you have helped make it possible!

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  1. Glad to be apart of the new website! Just testing out the comment section for bugs. If figured responding to this post is a good start on the bug search.

  2. Just another test post to check if the front page error is still prevalent.

  3. I think the secret is out Frash Frash =P

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