Uncharted 3 is AWESOME!

November 26, 2011 in Featured, Uncharted 3, Video Games AWESOME! by

Will this game live up to it's name or will Nathan Drake disappoint and use a map AGAIN?! We're buckling down for some heart pounding interactive cinematic adventure on this midnight release episode!

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  1. In case you didn’t realize yet, the playlist option on these and other older vids need to be fixed. It just goes to “page not found”.

  2. Sadly, part #2.5, #4, and #12 refuse to load from Blip, and they’ve been like this for a while. They all display the message “Sorry, we’re unable to play this episode.”

  3. http://blip.tv/videogamesawesome
    The link(s) no longer work, so try looking on ‘Blip’, they should be on there.

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