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April 11, 2012 in Announcements by

There have been some issues with the PayPal button since the transition from the beta site. Anyone who has donated in the last couple weeks may not have been automatically upgraded to TURBO. I will manually correct this but it would help if you email'd me your PayPal receipt when you read this.

EDIT If you have gone turbo just now you don't need to send Fraser an e-mail, the buttons work as intended again. -kshade

Quick Tip: If you paid but can not see the "TURBO Club" area in the forums, then your membership needs to be fixed!

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  1. I sent you an email Fraser.

  2. Just sent the E-mail Fraser. Thanks for letting us know and sorry for the trouble.

  3. don’t forget me, Fraser! :3

  4. I E-mailed you about it beforehand, frasier, before I was aware of the issue.

  5. Emailed you, Fraser

  6. My brother (synrise) sent you an e-mail

  7. Email sent Fraser-san

  8. i also sent a email, hope you guys are feeling better.

  9. I E-mailed you, Fraser ^_^

  10. ^_^ thank you fraser/kshade and k i just sent it.

  11. I have also sent an e-mail.

  12. i sent 2 not knowing what was going on and waiting since PAX to become turbo/whitelisted…sorry for the messages everywhere…if Frasher could just let me know when I become a member that would be AWSOME!
    DawnHawk out!

  13. Sent the email! P.S. This Website is AWESOME!

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