A Bad Week for VGA

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  1. Google did the same thing to my YouTube channel, so i kinda know how you feel. Hope it gets better for you fraser. :)

  2. Never give up! Never surrender! :)

  3. I hope everything will get better soon.

    I know that this announcement sealed the deal for me about going turbo so the first thing that I will do the 27th are going to be donating 40€

  4. We got your back Fraser, don’t lose hope cus you have us behind you ready and loyal.

    Just want to say that the show has help me de-stress during these past couple of months because it’s original (to me) and enjoyable.
    So Thank You VGA.

  5. Is there a donate button on the site here?

  6. so this is gonna be our new home huh

  7. THANK YOU this clears it all up. Well if its like that then screw youtube. Blip it is. BUT i hope you’re not mad when i tell you that i cant watch them ON blip but have to download them, it simply wont work so no ad money from me. I know it sucks because I want to support you, but I promise to go T-T-Turbo as soon as money allows it. University sadly doesn’t pay for itself.

    Keep up the Frage and we’ll keep watching no matter where

  8. I hope to become a Turbo Club member in the summer to support your troubles and future projects! WE WUV U FWASHY <3

  9. You guys will pull through, BELIEVE IT!

  10. As bad as this may seem I think in the long run it probably is for the best. Youtube just brings out a bunch of hate and has just been a problem for a while now.

  11. This is just typical. Just when I thought I’d be able to afford Turboship, the gears on my bike get busted so naturally I have to put all my money on spare parts. Well, maybe next month.

    Hang in there guys! I love the show!

  12. Man that suck’s. Stay positive Fraser. You have a big community behind you !

  13. Keep on truckin’ Frasher, blip, springboard, whatever it is, you go and we’ll follow. Gonna try to gather enough money to pay for turboship soon.

  14. its like in a “real” job sometimes there are problems but in the end everything will be ok.
    and for the shitty time you have to think what could happen and make a plan for that and for he worst case scenario.

  15. I’m really sorry to hear about Youtube. I honestly was watching it on Blistered Thumbs and recently went to youtube when they stopped updating. If I knew it brought you more cash, I would’ve done straight youtube, I didn’t know people made money off it. I know Blip does, not Youtube. It sucks now they’re refusing to give you any money. :( I would donate, but I have barely any money, this summer or Christmas I’ll be a Turbo for sure. =3 VGA forever!!!!!!!! And I hope you upload the rest of your vids like Portal 2, I looked everywhere and I can’t find it.

  16. That really sucks, but don’t worry. I’ll follow you through the black gates of Mordor and all the way to Mount Doom if i have to!

  17. We all support you Fraser! You need to do what you need to do to make a living out of this and if changing video site is what has to be done then so be it. I don’t want VGA to go away, you guys have become such a big part of a lot of peoples lives that you’ve got a core community here that will stick by you. I’m proud to be a turbo and hope for many more years of VGA.

  18. Just Joined Turbo after watching this.
    hundred’s of video’s you guys have gave to me and everyone else we will support you guys now more then ever.
    wish you guys all the luck in the coming month’s.
    The Turbo’s will always have your back supporting you guys wish you all the best.

  19. Sorry this is happening to you guys, I hope you manage to make the rent and keep making enough to live even if you aren’t making as much right now. Certainly a good chance to start checking out your other options. I’m sure you’ll be better off when you make out the other side of this.

    Screw YouTube, time to move on. Even if you do manage to make it through the appeal process there are brighter horizons.

  20. Guess this is my new home now… and I freaking love it!
    We love you Frasher! Keep on doin’ whatcha doin’ and we’ll follow!

  21. This really upsets me, its a complete lack of decency and respect. Its not fair that they would do this to a group of people who quit their jobs so they could work on a personal project that so many people enjoy.

    I know that whatever happens I will allways be here to support you and your show, because I think that what you have created here is something really special and deserves to be maintained and invested in. I know I cant really afford Turboship right now because college takes most of my money away, but I am hoping that in the summer I will be able to save up some money to aquire Turboship, because I believe that you deserve that donation.

    You will never walk alone!

  22. Don’t understand why people are complaining about them making money off of the videos, yeah there here to entertain and do a show, but they still gotta make a living. Guys keep up the excellent work, things will get better. Will probably to turbo myself in the summer.

  23. Frash,

    I know it sucks, but sometimes the best comes out of dealing with shitty situations. It may not seem like it now but there is something to be said by the phrase “pain is just weakness leaving the body.” You will succeed and I feel safe to say that everyone here will do the same.

    Love you Frash Frash,


  24. I hope for the best in your future. I will donate more if it helps you!

  25. this can’t be true
    but still video game awesome is still the best and most fun too see on the internet
    so you are going to be fine

  26. Fraser what ever happens to you, your friends, and this show, i will be there for you 100%. Everyday when I see baby hank or your face on youtube saying there will be a show tonight, i forget all work needed to be done and it brings out something inside of me that makes me happy. You have the best set up of a show that I have ever seen, from lighting, to sound, to visuals, you take pride in that and I love it. I really hope things take a change in the right direction! :) ~ Roccogags

  27. Youtube has been changing for the worst as of late, and I’m really sorry that happened to you all. Honestly, I don’t understand how something like this can be approved but it IS google and big companies can do whatever they want. This is ridiculous. I feel like that goes against an internet law somewhere, but I’m not sure.

    I will try and support you all as much as I can, but seeing as I don’t have a job, just about 17 and can’t work through school nor the summer, I wont be able to support as much as everyone else. That doesn’t mean I wont try! If I donate to get Turbo, you can keep donating, right? Either way, I’ll try and do what I can to help.

    Also, cheer up, yeah? Bad times in a row like that usually mean that something really good is about to happen. It will come soon. Better to take hits with a smile.

    You aren’t alone, VGA. Love you all!


  28. I’ve just donated to be a turbo club member when I heard the news. I’ve been a long time fan of the show and I hope that you can continue to make the show as good as it has been. To be honest, your show has been one of the reasons that have got me through college and my first year of university.

  29. :'( It’s sad to hear that news. No matter what happens though it’s still awesome to see you guys continue moving on :D

  30. I redonated, I want this show keep going as long as possible.

  31. Thanks for letting us know whats going on. Good luck with things moving forward, and know that you have our support thru it all.

  32. And right here YT makes you more turbo money.
    Love you guys!

  33. I haven’t stoped donating, no way in Hell am I gonna stop supporting the show now… Long Live FFSTV!

  34. I would have followed you to the end… into the very fires of Mordor.

    But luckily you’re just moving to Blip. No sweat, bro!

    I’m glad that everybody in the VGA family is okay – my first thought was that somebody had gotten really sick or one of your kitties had died. Thank $deity that isn’t the case, at least. But this AdSense thing really angers me, and I’m going to have to take a big step back and think about my own internet use and whether I’m supporting the kinds of companies and decent business practices that I believe in.

    Thanks for sharing this, Fraser, and best of luck in the move to Blip. We got yer back.

  35. I’m going to buy turbo membership and a combo pack when my exams are done next week. I want to help you’s out and show my support at the same time. I think it was unfair that AdSense fucked you over so badly espcially after all the time and effort you put into the show with new lights and mics etc. You’s gave me countless hours of entertainment and I want to contribute and give you the money you rightfully deserve and I will continue to follow and support the show wherever it’ll be broadcasted from. Much love from Ireland

  36. Aw man, that sucks! Darn google. D:
    I’m okay with the back to blib move, it does lag on my other computer, but that computer is pretty awful anyways. I’ve been a fan since you first appeared on the TGWTG site, and it was love at first sigh when I watched your shows. If I had to watch only show for the rest of my live, be it internet or TV show, the answer would be clear as day with me: Video Games awesome of course! I love you guys and your show! <3
    I'll follow you where ever you decide to upload your stuff! I really hope you'll find a good solution to this mess. :)

  37. I love you guys and I’ll be supportive of you no matter how inconvenient things may be. I’ll always watch the show forever and I know if we work hard we can get back on our feet. I’ll continue to be supportive and if you do a donation drive or something similar then I’ll be happy to chip in a little.

  38. MoT said on May 7, 2012

    Drat…i hadn’t realized that you got payment based on adds on the vids.
    Been following you guys on youtube for quite a while now an never saw any adds…any hint on a secondary browser i could use?
    Cause Opera’s Ad-blocker seems to work to flawless, i can’t seem to even disable it and i don’t want to feel like a tick, profiting without giving. :c

  39. Fraser, I’m very sorry to hear about this. You and the rest of the crew are such inspirational people. I have such major respect for you. Stay positive Fraser, I know you’ll make it through. =)

  40. This is so sad to hear. I hope you guys pull through! Youtube is so unfair to you guys. Whatever decision you guys make, im with you to 100%!

  41. Just reading through the comments, you can see how much everyone loves you, the crew and the show. So there really isn’t much I can say, just keeping going for it!

  42. It indeed sucks what Youtube did to you but I’m glad to hear you guys are just pushing forward. VGA has become a staple in my daily online browsing so I’m very happy that it’s not going away. Don’t worry about changing video sites, we’ll follow you regardless.

  43. Whatever happens Fraser, I’m going to stick by you guys. And when I am able, I want to help in any way I can. Believe me when I say that I kind of owe it to you.

  44. Wow that really sucks. I’m sure you’ll figure out a way out of this, you have a great show and an awesome comunity supportnig it. Do what you have to in order to make it work, we’re behind you!
    By the way you’re right, everybody likes Ben, Deacon, Kyle and Becky! (and you too)

  45. It makes so much more sense now. Well I hope that everything improves in the future. I will stick with you guys and give all the support I can. :)

  46. i never really was thinking about joining turbo but now i really want to when i will make my money i will join and give all the support i can to your show guys :) and will follow you were ever you guys go :)

  47. I think this is gonna be good for the show. We don’t need you Youtube. We got our own site, with a strong supporting group of followers and allies at TGWTG an BlisteredThumbs. This will be a bright new chapter in the book of VGA an I’ll be among the ones who support this show no matter what.

    I love you all Fraser, crew and the community <3

  48. Like I have said once before, you guys are like a second family to me, which means I will stay with you guys any where and in any situtation. I know you will always come out on top, Fraser. The last year or two of my life have been amazing because of you and there will be many more in the future. I love you Fraser, Becky, Ben, Kyle, Hank, community, and even Deacon.

  49. YouTube is a jerk!

    I love you guys! <3 I will go wherever the show heads. Keep up the great work and the community will follow you.

  50. Its bad to hear you like that, i know you try to see the positive out of it, but i can tell you are stress out about what is happening. I love you guys and that’s is something that i don’t say just on face value. the hardcore fans are the majority of the viewers and always will have your back.
    I start watching because of avgn, i regret the day that click your channel i was a subscriber with the first video i saw witch was Red Dead Redemption i laugh so hard tears rolled from my eyes, and you guys became part of my life of my day.
    I wish i could support you with turbo money i really do but living in argentina makes it a little difficult, but at least i knew that watching the ads was in a way supporting the show.
    I hope that the guys that complain from seeing one or two ads in your videos realize now how much it means to the show the difference between having them or not.
    Sorry form my bad english and mi ranting, thank you for all the fun and joy you bring to all of us.
    I send you guys a big Hugh and i am sure thinks could only get better, bigger and more…….

  51. I lost my own job not long ago, so I don’t have the money spare to do so yet, but if/when I do….. I’d love to TURBOOOOOBABY.

  52. fraser i give u my word i will do all that i can to support the show whatever u choose to do i will help in any way i can

  53. This is an awesome community and an awesome show. You have the support of all the girls and boys who watch, I’m sure of it.

    Keep on living the dream Farshar!

  54. Wolby said on May 7, 2012

    I hope for the best for you and the show, Fraser!
    Love you guys!

  55. I am sick of Google doing this to YouTubers and I think it is time they should stop and look at what they are doing, but all they want is money!!!!! I hope things get better Fraser and I know you will not give up :)

  56. Glad to see you are sticking too this Fraser…I was afraid we would loose you guys like we lost Roger Barr’s Doc Mock’s Movie Mausoleum. I am also excited about what new will be in store for turbos. I have never felt that justified to pay for it, (I don’t play games online, I’m not into TF2, I don’t feel talented enough for your minecraft server, etc..) but hopefully with the new perks…i can justify paying for Turbo. Keep up the great work guys!


    I like the Website, its easy to navigate and its functional. I love the show and I’m going to keep supporting it and encourage my friends to show their support.

    Does Adblock plus stem the revenue flow to Fraser at all? If so how can I let the ads through again for VGA?

  58. Dear FRASER –
    on the registration fields for this site – change the the anti-bot field
    I might know that Ben is associated with Thundercat’s Snarf on MC or that you like Earthbound, but for thousands of Youtubeers, who happen to watch only few videos, those questions are too hard. This is upmost important, since you can expect a lot of fans moving here and wanting to create account.

    as for the show youll get through. You are 5 people group. Many people lack good friends and still manage to create beautiful things. You are already like a small corporation. Use it. Get Deacon a job and live off his earnings.

  59. I’ve been watching you guys since the first days of VGA (never got into AVG dont kill me x.x) and this youtube bullshit has prompted me to join your site finally. I can’t believe a bunch of asshats can run around ruining amazing shows!! This is completely ridiculous and its even worse that you can’t even appeal the issue! Talk about a Phoenix Wright case in the making! Video Games Awesome: Case of the missing monies! I truly love you guys and for all its worth, I’ve already followed you from TGWTG to blistered thumbs, then to blip, then youtube (with plenty of facebook stalking) ^o^), now back to blip! What’s another website to save when you guys provide HOURS of entertainment to de-stress from dealing with patients all day! I hope that you get more fans that appreciate what you guys do, the work that goes into the show and everything else that goes on behind the scenes. Screw youtube, you’re better than them! And excuse any typos/grammer, I’m really mad about all this! I’ll use my BEST confidence and know you’ll get through this! AND a splash of kittyglitter!!! == mrow!

  60. Jazz said on May 7, 2012

    I already made a little response to this here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUqE4-hxHyc Sorry for the video, but it basically says this. What Youtube is doing is only hurting people who actually want to produce content for their site and, to be frank, they are being so slimy. Wherever you guys go, know that you will always have this community following you and to keep your heads held high. Don’t give up, and stay awesome.

  61. We love you too Frasher! It sucks that this happened but the show will pull through. Once I get good internet again I will get to watch a few shows a week.

  62. LiK said on May 7, 2012

    I will support you wherever you go Fraser. Sucks to hear what happened cuz I’m used to YT’s playlist. I’ve never joined the chatroom but will voice my support in your comments. I love your videos. Good luck!

  63. Don’t worry, Fraser..! You have tons of fans that support you through. :D

  64. I’m going turbo ._.

  65. I’m sorry to hear about what happened, Fraser. I’m a loyal fan and I will follow where ever you go, I just wish I had the money to donate to turbo club. Stay positive, I love you guys!

  66. /internet hugs
    Looks like youtube will be seeing a lot less traffic from me. Whether it’s here or BT, I’ma keep on watching!

  67. I will admit that I haven’t been fan for that long but will say i am always look forword to a live stream from you guys and if i would miss the live stream all ways watch it youtube I hope this does not effect that much cos i don’t want see you guys go stay strong ffstv

  68. If i had a brillion dollars, Ill buy you guys a studio, a house and a house for our cats:P
    But anyway, best of luck, I know youll succeed! Use your best confidence! :-D DO IT FOR FRASW FRASW!

  69. I kinda like site

  70. I Kinda like the site

  71. Yea, additional things
    – European time streaming would be awesome. At least once a month.
    I bet with pinpoint advertising you could find many fans in UK, Germany and Eastern Europe (I am from Latvia, so we can assume occassional fans are everywhere around.)
    – I would gladly become a turbo (and probably will), but there should be other benefits.. I can’t really advise of any, but for the existing, I don’t play online FPS and Minecraft as awesome it is, has been played 10 fold too much. Maybe it is time for strategy games? I assume there are few multiplayer strategy games; turbos could use stabe small group server service. (oh, didn’t Total war allow more than 2 armies? Battles would be awesome to watch)
    – Diversity is a good thing (no I am not saying you need an asian on the team), but sometimes there is simply too much content. Especially when you know that sometimes the most boring games have the best jokes (like Deus Ex and dick jokes).
    Maybe preference should be given to games that inherit good comedy chances by themselves, like Dead Island?
    – VGA pls :)
    – A turbo service could be estabilshed – a game would be installed on server and people could use it online without installing. It would be excelent for people who don’t or can’t buy the particular game. Extensive online game service could be started with indie games, which are lightweight. I would love to be able to play few of the small games you played on the show (which I whether won’t bother to buy or am too lazy to pirate), developers would probably be happy to use your service as advertisement opportunity.
    With time big title games could be involved, though then I assume some heavy internet logistics would be involved and server room expenses could be enormous.. on the other hand it is innovative.
    sorry for long texts

  72. Hey, we love you Fraser, and you guys all mean a lot to us. This is an awesome community, and it exists because of you. I know I speak for a lot of us when I say that we’re here and willing to help in some way.You’re AWESOME, and we want to see more of what you do. :)

  73. I wish I could do more to help beyond offer words of encouragement. But for what it’s worth, keep trucking guys, things’ll get better!

  74. I wrote a long reply to this on YouTube. Just want to restate, I hope the best and wish you all the luck. We will always have your back so keep on truckin.’

  75. I think in the end this will be a blessing in disguise. Yes it does suck but we are here to support you and Google being dumb isn’t going to stop ffstv

  76. woody said on May 8, 2012

    I like many people have said before am compelled to go TURBO now. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for awhile, but have kept putting it off. Now that the contributions of the community as a whole mean even more, I feel now is the time. So come payday, expect to see my in the TURBO chat. Fraser, Becky, Ben, Kyle, and Deacon: We love you guys, and we’ve got your backs.

  77. I told all my friends on Gaia about what’s going on. They were really upset and are going to tell others about your show. Hang in there, Fraser. I’m glad I told several because a few already knew about you and didn’t know this was going on. Now they’re going to join up to your site and help you. =3

  78. Youtube sucks donkey balls.
    Blip it is. :-)

  79. We tend to get used to Youtube that we don’t see the ugly side of it. So quick to delete videos or ban accounts because of copywrite issues (seriously I’m surprised sneezing doesn’t offend MGM at this point).
    I forgot all about this site lol but I’m here and I’m here to stay. I love you guys I love the show and I intend to become a turbo at some point.

  80. Sorry Fraser, I hope everything works out. :(

  81. I hate to hear the bad news Fraser, and I hope you’ll be able to continue doing what you love and getting paid for it.
    As for me, I don’t have any problem with Blip and though every now and then it can be finicky the show’s worth it. Stay Strong.

  82. This made me tear up. As soon as I get the cash i am going to donate. I know i am late to the reply but i want to help you all I can.

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