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May 31, 2012 in AwesomeNauts, Video Games AWESOME! by

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  1. TURBOs suck!, team Fwasher, Beecky and benny boo are MLGEEEEEeeeeee!!

  2. Y’know, seeing Fraser compare this 2D MOBA game to TF2 is quite annoying.

    Good job if that was an intention.

  3. Yaaay that’s me! (Lilac) – It was so fun playing with you guys!

  4. Man, I love all the indie games they’re playing. It’s funny how a lot of cheap indie games are so much bether then 60$ games.

  5. It’s cool when you guys find ways to play with turbos online, there are a lot of games you could do this in too, you should try it more! You could do quite a few in FPS’s like Halo and COD (I think Halo is more fun because it’s more chaotic, and has a lot more variety). These would be cool cuz they have split screen + online play like awesomenauts. Maybe we should make a list of games like these.

    Also, if you like this MOBA genre of games Fraser you should probably check out Super Monday Night Combat if you haven’t already.

    Great show guys!

    • Apoc said on June 1, 2012

      I was playing quite a bit of TF2 (Before being turbo so only on boring servers) and since SMNC got released I was playing pretty much only that, pretty good game. When a friend asked me about it I said it’s pretty much like TF2 + LoL.

  6. I thought they were playing Psychonauts and just decided to call it Awesomenauts for the show, ah well

  7. Whaaaaa? Upgrade Splash Dash’s cooldown and stun and Froggy G becomes a beast!

    About the Private Match and online options: I don’t think they were created with Internet show hosts in mind. :P

    • Oh, and the game doesn’t end when they reach your base because a team must prove that it can overpower the opponent while focusing on a single point. Turrets can be switched between; there’s only one base. Also, if you can wipe-out or significantly cripple the opposition in your base, you can turn the whole game around.

      I’ve been playing this game for a few weeks and so far I haven’t felt as if any of my losses were undeserved.

  8. Also a great Beckyism comes from this episode: “You can be dice? *Scratches head*”

  9. god, I hated the stupidity and trollishness of the chat this ep. Being in Fraser’s seat DID NOT make Becky the host at all. and then calling Fraser a new guy was just maddening

    • Looks like someone is butthurt again….seriously, if you have zero sense of humour as is apparent from your chat and comments, and give the impression of an angry/emo high school kid, why do you even bother watching the show? Frasher trolls the chat and gets it in return, that’s pretty much a norm for vga. If we all wanted to be serious/sombre, we would put in a shift at work….

  10. “So unsatisfying putting so much time into a guy and then he runs away.” – Mr. Agar – 2011

  11. I absolutely loved this episode! It was so intense.

  12. bnz0 said on June 5, 2012

    now I want them to play dota2.

  13. Leon is totally Rikimaru and this game is nothing like tf2. Very reminiscent of DOTA, makes me want to play it.

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