Animal Crossing is AWESOME!

June 16, 2012 in Animal Crossing, Video Games AWESOME! by

Part 3 - Playing Uncle Tom!

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  1. I love this game and cannot wait to see your full playthrough. I caught some of it yesterday, but missed a great deal of it. Welp. There goes my night!

  2. Gotta say – I’m loving these 24h uploads. ^-^d

  3. Pretty pumped for Animal Crossing to come out on the 3DS.

  4. Wow. I honestly wasn’t expecting this. But still, I LOVE this game! And as always, you guys were hilarious! Love the show!

  5. But, but. . .Gaston! :(


  6. BTW here is a tip….Don’t play this game for hours at a time. Play if for like a half hour, hour max.

  7. I wonder if they know that you can meet resseti in his hideout at a certain time (don’t remember) at a random chance (during the night) in the city….

  8. Oh and the Turtle from all 4 games has always been mayor. Although, in the new one you assume he is dead..because your mayor. The “breathtaking” feature of the new game. xD

  9. I thought becoming mayor was something you earned, not given to you from the start. Anyways, I haven’t seen the videos yet, but if they’re going to do animal crossing shows i hope they time skip accordingly. They probably did end up doing that, but oh well.

  10. d’awww you guys started playing this on my birthday ^__^

  11. The first live show I ever watched all the way through. I will never forget this Frasher. NEVER.

    By the way, please PLEASE continue this! It was my favourite show that you ever did!

  12. I love this game, Cant wait till i get Animal Crossing 3Ds I’ve been playing AC: Wild world cause of it. This game really know how to get hook you into it. Is scary to how many years i play this game non stop.

  13. I’m thinking about buying an Animal Crossing game. I have never played one. Should I buy one of them now or should I just wait until the 3DS version comes out and then make my decision? Also which Animal Crossing is the best so far in case I do decide to buy one now?

    • While Wild World holds a special place in my heart, I’d have to say City Folk feature wise. While I played a lot of WW and loved every minute of it, I found myself feeling like I was missing out after City Folk was released.

  14. Antonio totally called Fraser a honky.

  15. Here’s the theremin instrument Fraser was talking about:

  16. This is like a water downed version of Harvest Moon… with soul crippling debt. So, my understanding is that once you pay off your first debt, Nook forces a house upgrade on you, is that right? And he keeps doing that over and over again? But, wouldn’t you eventually have all the upgrades and have bought everything in game. Is that the only way to “beat the game”.

    Regardless, this was a very entertaining episode, loved how Fraser launched a smear campaign against Nook. Maybe you’ll do Harvest Moon in the future?

    • One of the main draws of the game is finding all the Nintendo,video game, and general easter eggs it has to offer. Then designing your house and town and making it special. But it is most fun when hanging out with friends online from my experiences.

  17. LiK said on June 17, 2012

    Fraser not knowing his own age might be one of the greatest moments on VGA…LOL

  18. God i love this game! :3 I want it for 3DS! I want it now!

  19. I love how Farshar fantasizes about being watched by their parents and Nintendoes. A classic VGA moment.

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