Assassin’s Creed is AWESOME!

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Part 5 - Welcome to Damascus!

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  1. Holy crap, Becky. Those costume are sick! I realy hope you understand how important the costumes are. Especialy for atracting new viewers. When someone tunes in on Twitch TV, randomly looking for something to watch, and then sees your costumes they are going to be interested and therefore staying watching the show for at least a little bit, then it’s up to you guys to entertain them enough so that they want to stay, but I don’t think that’s a big problem. So, again, great work, Becky! You deserve all the koodoos.

  2. Yeah, the first Assassin’s Creed was just being hold back by some repeating activities. AC2 really does improve just about everything and not just the gameplay but also characters and story. Still Fraser just need to calm down when those beggars and crazy people push you around. At least kill them quietly.

    Also great work with the costume Becky.

  3. Love the show guys been a fan for 2years now .
    Amazing Costumes Becky Awesome Job :) u guys should long haul ac1,

  4. I had a weird feeling watching Fraser during this show. To me it really didn’t seem like he enjoyed it too much. From the very first second it seemed very obvious to me that Fraser didn’t have any intention of investing into the characters or the story. He just seemed so uninterested, almost bored.

    It could be that it’s all in my mind and i’m just feeling that way because im such a big fan of the series – could be. But to me this was the first time VGA really felt like a forced show, like an obligation he just had to check off the list, maybe because it is just that nowawadys – a job? This is all about you guys having fun with the games you play. I more and more get the feeling that this aspect gets lost and this turns into full-on “Well, its my job, guess i have to do a stream today”. Am i completley alone with that feeling?

    • He can’t really get into the stories of the games he plays that much when he’s hosting a live show, you know? If he truly wanted to get into it, he would play it on his own time, his job doesn’t really allow that though.

  5. Oh whats this? Oh well I guess i could check it out *clicks* *loads* wonder how these costumes will look…probably lame *sees video* Mind=Blown

  6. I am really upset that I missed this live. But, now I’m really happy this was up so fast. Good going Farshoo. And, as always, great work on the costumes Becky. Um… yeah Ben you did it.

  7. Now I know never to put Fraser near the mentally Ill.

    Actually, it makes me kind of worried. He put together a whole club of people crazy enough to give him $50. Is he going to stab us all some day?!

    • I expected the stabbing from the beginning. We paid $50 to a special kind of asshole…the one that will kill us one day for no other reason than walking in the streets and being in his sights :D

  8. Am I the only one that cares that the latest Minecraft show isn’t up yet?

  9. @MissBlow

    That costume is amazing…

  10. Comparing this game to Arkham City… Bad Fryzr.

  11. he will not pronounce “etio” correctly for the whole series, right?

  12. great job becky on the costumes they truly were the best costumes.
    btw did anybody else notice what fraser did to becky

  13. That was so weird when Fraser touched Becky’s boob. Please, never do that again. NEVER! Not even when you’re not on the show.

  14. God damn, I’m glad you uploaded this. I only watched 3 1/2 hours before I had to go to bed. This was possibly THE best show I’ve ever seen.

  15. HAHA, Fraser better learn how to counter, it’s only the entire basis of the combat system for the next 3 games.

  16. First amazing costumes, second frash frash amazing video, had me laughing out of my seat.

  17. I’ve played all of the AC games And i really hope that they will play the other games as well.

  18. Actually Fraser, it IS your fault when you kill innocents XD. Especially when you can just punch them or throw them. If you DO kill them though, it should probably be STEALTHY, followed by you running away before a guard sees the person die.

    You can also completely avoid them by sticking to rooftops, stealth killing guards your see, and later, throwing knives at guards from range.

    Don’t let the game beat you, Frash-Frash. You can do it! AC2 more than makes up for it :)

  19. A friend of mine let me borrow this a few years ago and I fell in love with it! It is still the best AC game in certaain areas in my opinion.

  20. WOW dem costumes. Not just Fraser’s Ezio but how well she pulled off Lucy’s look too! Attention to detail is amazing. Becky could sale these costumes and make a living. Pay for the show herself if she really applied this talent.
    I’m dead serious that is pro costume making right there.
    So glad their getting into this. Not only that their doing AC but starting from the beginning because we all know Fraser tends to skip games to play the newest version.
    Just caught up with Mass Effect 2 today and to com into this very awesome. Love you guys. 100% agreement with Fraser Becky outdid herself and she was already doing amazing costume work.

  21. So they’re just going to skip to the assassinations right? So are they not going to know anything about the Desmond story? Because that’s kind of important for linking all the games together. Maybe they’ll just watch them on youtube.

  22. Fun fact, Frashy: after you beat the game you can kill innocents without losing synchronization! :D Do with that what you will

  23. I don’t get why everyone in the chat is saying that the Desmond parts are boring. They aren’t the best in AC1, but in later games I think they’re some of the best parts. A lot of the story gets developed in those segments and Desmond, to be quite honest, acts a lot like Nathan Drake, so he becomes more lovable later.

    My only advice is to NOT use the completed file. You’ll seriously miss like… Half the story doing that. Just play the game normally, and do the best you can until you get to AC2.

  24. I feel like punching citizens doesn’t have the same effect as killing them. I can’t exactly blame Frash Frash for doing it, though. A man’s got a limit.

  25. I wonder if they would consider doing this playthrough like Uncharted 3, with switching who plays the game between Ben and Fraser. Fraser likes the stealthy bits, and Ben sounds like he enjoys the fighting (and stealth too probably, but thats not the point) . The “competition” between them created lots of funny moments in the Uncharted 3 playthrough, so I’d like to see that here too.

    As for Fraser seeming bored or something, thats just the AC1s fault (I love the game though.) The awesome story is buried pretty well under everything, and you have to really pay attention to get it and fully appreciate it. We have to remember that Fraser is hosting a show, which makes paying attention harder, so its not his fault. Fraser will fill himself in somehow anyway before AC2, if he misses parts of it in this playthrough.

  26. Whew! Just finished this game again. I do like the story in this just as much as in the rest of the series. Gameplay is pretty repetitive though. I do wonder what parts they’re going to skip…

    Also, Fraser: Learn the combat. This can’t be stressed enough.

  27. so I’m a little confused. is assassin’s creed. a retelling of the crusade. like how God of war. is a retelling of mythology? or am I COMPLETELY. off base in my assumption?

    • It’s more like these historical events provide the backdrop for the war between the assassins and templars. The crusades are merely the setting rather than the story, much like the Renaissance and the American Revolution.

  28. Koodoos Becky those costumes are amazing!

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