Asura’s Wrath is AWESOME! – Episode 4

July 12, 2012 in Asura's Wrath, Video Games AWESOME! by

Part 45 - A Rude Awakening!

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  1. If you want something even MORE over the top than this, watch the anime Gurren Lagann :D It doesn’t take itself seriously at all!

  2. I’ve lost all respect for Capcom already, so that they would sell a DLC and on top of that call it “The true ending” does not surprise me at all.

  3. Saw this live. Was awesome seeing Fraser shit the bed on the last parts. ALL OF EXISTENCE IS DESTROYED, GUYS! HE JUST SAID SO!

  4. take a drink ever time in a anime the say power or friendship you ll be dead in 5 mins

  5. I have a feeling that the gang is missing some important thematic elements of the game. Asura ORIGINALLY only cared to get his daughter back but eventually it became about fighting the forces that seek to control the world tyranically. First it was the douchey demigods and then this spider-man/Hindu god. All the scenes where he’s told to create a good world for his daughter hint to that. Also, he originally fought the spider-man because he’s the one who created the Gohma in the first place just to test us.

    • Their comparison between Kratos and Asura cements it. Both are thematically similar when it comes to liberating a world by fighting those who oppress it. He even narrates the whole point at the end and they still ignore it.


      Whatever, I guess it’s just frustrating.
      Still a funny play through at least.

      • X said on July 13, 2012

        ‘Both are thematically similar when it comes to liberating a world by fighting those who oppress it.’

        By “those” you mean… the entire population? Come on, dude, you can’t take a story this over-the-top ridiculous as serious drama. Asura and Kratos are not good role models.

  6. X said on July 12, 2012

    “I was just going along with the crowd.” I love Becky’s chat voice.

  7. I don’t know what you’re talking about, Frash-Frash. The story made perfect sense to me.

    Understandable that you guys didn’t follow it, though, considering you’re always talking over the dialogue.

  8. I must thank you Fraser for coming back to this game and showing us the “true” ending. After I heard that CAPCOM was releasing DLC with a “true” ending, I decided to boycott this game. I’m never going to touch it again. It’s an ugly direction that game companies are going in and I will do nothing to encourage this trend. If I buy a full retail game; at full price, I want the ending to come with the game… How hard is that to understand?

    I’m not going to say that it made sense, I understood what the “story” was trying to tell me; but, it didn’t make any sense. Of course, we’re talking about a game where you punch God to death. This game is still convoluted and expects a lot from the player; to grasp elements from Hinduism; which in itself is a complex belief system.

    DLC is like communism. Great in concept; but, someone will do something to fuck it up and ruin it for everyone else.

    Fraser, you still did a great job, AWESOME episode as always. I can speak only for myself; you always manage entertain me; which is why I still watch.

  9. also i like this game despite its dumbness
    i like games that are what they are even if what they are is something ridiculous

  10. the teenager impression from ben and fraser was the funniest thing i´ve seen in my life
    I´ve never acted like that with my dad i´ve always liked him a lot actually, he´s awesome

  11. Better ending than Mass Effect 3. No, seriously.

    Also, the show had a better ending than the game did.

  12. I love all the people in the chat defending this game as if it were a thematically rich piece of art. C’mon guys. The story was written to appeal to 14 year olds.

  13. just because something isn’t serious dosnt mean its not worth defending
    sometimes we need ridiculous games

  14. Yeah…again i get the same feeling as in other recent episodes. They don’t seem to have any urge to play the game, thus only playing it because it’s their job nowadays, ending up not enjoying the game or paying any attention to it period.

    This is even more obvious if you compare this directly with the previous episodes of Asura’s Wrath. The made fun of it – a lot and rightfully so, but they still immersed themselfes into the game. They paid attention and they really seemed to enjoy it.

    This was done with a “Let’s get this over with”-attitute, like we’ve seen it quite regularly in the last few weeks. That’s verydisrespectful to the game. Even more so, because you tend to ridicule it – even though pretty much every point you make would be easily explainable…if you’d put any kind of interest or attention (in)to it.

    But more importantly, it’s disrespectful against your viewers. I wouldn’t say anything against that attitude if this was just your hobby. But people pay you for it. And if i would get to work with that “Aw, fuck it, let’s get this over with”attitude, i’d get fired within a week.

  15. Fraser…you are kinda stupid…all the time. And…it was kinda not confusing to me at least. BUT anyways great stuff.

  16. I got bored with this game by the third mission, I’m so glad you guys played through it because I’d have never stuck it out on my own. Also, best outro ever, really needed that laugh after how painfully drawn out the game’s ending was.

  17. ” *dejected* Oh, it’s Akuma.” Fraser Agar, 2012


  18. Now we wait for the True True ending DLC XD

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