Arkham City is AWESOME! DLC!

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  1. Where is the show and trailer?

  2. Oh wow. Never thought I’d see Ben in the “cat”suit again. Awesome episode!

  3. Guys lately on the shows the game volume has been too loud and it´s hard to hear what you guys are saying

  4. Dave. That is all.

  5. I liked it but it’s a shame it ends so abruptly. It reminded me of how she was portrayed in the original series, deranged but sympathetic at times in a tragic kind of way.

    Your Harley outfit is still my favourite Individual costume you’ve done Becky. That makeup is so cool! It’s kinda funny how it changes your expressions, the’re almost manic at times. You should totally use it as a Halloween outfit!

  6. Someone switched parts 4 and 5 in the playlist. Just saying.

    Loving the show, too bad I couldn’t watch it live, everything after 6pm your time is too late for me.

  7. The new Batman movie is going to be SOOOOO GOOD!!! I can’t wait. It’s going to be awesome.

  8. Fraser was so much more rusty than even I imagined he would be. The predator portion was SO hilarious to watch live. It was even funnier when Fraser tried to blame Robin for his being terrible.

  9. They heard the Harley song at the end credits of the last one?

  10. Drives me a bit nuts when Fraser tries to be so perfect. Too many needless restarts that really dragged the show down. Other than that though, it was nice to return to this game, the original playthrough is still one of my favorites.

  11. Wait wait wait, Fraser plays Civ 5? I would totally watch that!

  12. I’m very glad that you guys came back to this game to check out the DLC. It is a little shame that the DLC itself took so long to come out. I guess that the voice talent was busy with other projects. I know that Tara Strong keeps herself busy with a certain animated series these days, among other things.

    Becky; once again, awesome cosplay. Not sure if it was ever said on the show; but, I’m guessing the how idea of dressing up was your idea. I know that you make the costumes; but, did you pitch the idea to Fraser or was it Fraser’s idea?

    I know that Fraser is busy with uploading, editing and researching; but, he should take maybe an hour before hand and get himself reacquainted with the controls and the game mechanics before the show; however, that’s a lot of the charm of the show, watching Fraser get flustered. On second thought, never mind XD

    oh yeah, I see that other people seem to have audio issues too. I thought it was just me with my fan running in the background; but, I still thought that the audio for everything was a bit lower than normal.

  13. Commissioner Gordan is most likely referring to Bat Girl aka Oracle. To keep this as short and non-ranting as possible, batgirl became crippled not long after joker killed the second batman. Joker was the reason behind it. This set up the character “Oracle” and made room for the new batgirl.

    If you would like to learn more about either about robin’s death or the rise of batwoman there are two movies that you can watch that are pretty accurate to the originals.
    The Robin movie is called “Rise of the Red Hood” and was released in 2010 I believe.
    The Batwoman movie is “Mystery of the Batwoman” and was released in 2003. Since this point the new batgirl is a former assassin who is mute, but the movie is still worth a watch.

    • PS
      Smoke bombs:
      4 parts sugar
      6 parts potassium nitrate (Salt Peter)
      “Heat this mixture over a LOW flame until it melts, stirring well. Pour it into a future container and, before it
      solidifies, imbed a few matches into the mixture to use as fuses. One pound of this stuff will fill up a whole
      block with thick, white smoke!”
      Source: Anarchists Cookbook 2009 Edition

    • PSS
      killed the second Robin*
      “Under the Red Hood”*

      If there was an edit button I would use it.

  14. This was another game I’m so glad you guys played so I could watch the story unfold, I’m really not into the gameplay of the arkham series. Awesome playthrough guys.

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