Octodad is AWESOME!

September 8, 2012 in Octodad, Video Games AWESOME! by

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  1. Man I love Octodad. Such a fun and weird game.

  2. Definitely one of those ‘better to watch than to play games’. Dunno how you guys do it; but you make it enjoyable rather than tedious.

  3. YES! I’ve been anticipating this episode for ages! I knew you guys would like it, just from reading about it in a gaming magazine. It’s such a hilarious game. I just wish they’d release it on C.D. so i could buy it…

  4. It’s all that’s good and put into one game!

  5. Why can’t there be a part two?

  6. Fraser you better do more of this! YOU BETTER!

  7. This is… one of the coolest things… I have ever seen… My life is… complete…

  8. By coincidence I literally just finished Octodad today. Protip: right-mouse button controls the arm’s height – I can’t believe nobody mentioned it in the chat. Also the rest of the game is mainly dodging lasers, which isn’t fun at all with that control scheme.

  9. You know my room mate has been acting alot like Octodad recently…..

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