PAXtravaganza! Post Prime 2012! AWESOME!

September 9, 2012 in PAX 2012, Video Games AWESOME! by

Part 3 - Cosplayers Awesome!

Go Check Out Alli's Army, The Hilarious YouTube Channel About Feelings And Being Friends. Also Awesome Cosplay. GO NOW!
Alli's Army!

Check out the AWESOME musical stylings of:
PHILTER! ... FantomenK! ... Starship Amazing!

24 responses to PAXtravaganza! Post Prime 2012! AWESOME!

  1. Wooo Ben…. your hair… is… AWESOME!!!!

  2. Fraser may be oppressively denying Becky her mohawk but he didn’t say anything about a chelsea cut. Go for it, Becca! Tank Girl it up!

    I’m so glad you played some tolerable music over the party videos. I was watching the footage on DeathByBlunderbuss’ channel earlier and the DJ is playing some of the worst music I’ve ever heard. I don’t know how you guys managed to put up with that, even when drunk.

    I like what you said about how you go to PAX for the people not the games. It’s like me and this show!

  3. I still can’t believe you spent over 50 minutes showing off swag/opening gifts. Next PAX you guys might break the hour mark.:P

  4. Fraser,I’m honestly surprised you didn’t go on about the WiiU more! But,it is understandable considering you want to experience the games while on the show. Just a few more days until we find out if it comes out on Frash day. :D

  5. PAX… Y U NO Come to UK!?

    And VGA for that matter, but seriously that seemed like an awesome time for you all, and hopefully next year I might be able to go to Gamescom at least, seeing as for now PAX is out of reach. Would be great to meet up with you guys, but I think that’ll need to be put on hold.

  6. When I start getting a proper job, I’ll probably travel to PAX, either prime or Boston, to see you guys.

    I would like to see you guys play Persona 4 from start to finish. It a long game and there are some areas where it isn’t super entertaining for the show but there are a lot of great moments in the game that make for some great reactions. I suggest asking help from the community more than usual on P4 when you’re thinking about playing it.

    Cosplays were great as usual and that was nice of Twitch to help you stream the cosplay section.

    Can’t believe Fraser was able to convince a lot of people to sub Alli’s Army. But yeah, she totally needs to shine with her funny videos and art on deviantart.

  7. Oh man cant wait to watch my good friends today! I’m sure they were very responsible at the party, weeeeeeeell I don’t know about Ben, that rebel him. Well lets see. *sees* I…I am disappoint. IN ALL! But i expect that from Fraser, Ben, Kyle and Deacon but…Becky? Becky…I don’t even know what to say…humping? HUMPING? I…I must unsub…4ever. NO! 5ever! Its more than 4ever. I r disappoint. Good day…I SAID GOOD DAY!

    No but really keep up the videos guys! But really…Becky what the heck… :)

  8. Love all you donators. Crazy awesome. You guys are all awesome! I love, but in a totaly manly way. <3

  9. Well, it will be a few years (maybe 3) before I can go to PAX and become a Turbo. Plus now I’m hungry as hell…
    And Alli’s Army currently have 16,002 subs. Let’s keep it going people! :D

  10. awww man I wish I could go, well how ’bout after I finish high school, and hey if I can get good at this game coding thing I can totally make a game related to or including the ffstv crew. ^-^

  11. Awkward moment, I’m William of the Wind Waker. XD

  12. *I was going to send it with a memory card that would have the save file that’s basically the “new game plus” mode, which lets you read dialogue from certain characters that you can’t read in a normal run of the game. I couldn’t find a spare card, though, nor could I afford to buy a new one at the time. Sorry ’bout that! :\

  13. i hope u guys watching the recorded stream didn’t forget to sub to alli’s army, it makes frash frash happy, i swearz!

  14. The Cosplay you wasn’t sure about (in part 3 just before the big sister) is from an anime/ Manga called Trinity Blood, not sure characters name though I am think it’s either Cain or Abel Nightroad.

  15. Haha, was totally not expecting you to open my gift on the show. Thanks for not revealing my name Fwash Fwash, although it’s not really a big deal.

  16. Ahhhh looked like such a great time! So glad you had fun!

    Hey, sorry to be a bother, but I can’t find Roseann’s cat toys online! I’ve been looking everywhere for a website or etsy, but I come up with nothing. I’m really interested in getting a few! Can I get a little direction to where I can purchase some?

  17. Ohhh I was looking up “R D Quality Designs,” so no wonder! Thank you so much, Becky! My cats thank you, too. :3

  18. I’m so gonna go to pax next year :3

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