Mass Effect 2 is AWESOME! – Episode 9

September 13, 2012 in Mass Effect, Video Games AWESOME! by

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14 responses to Mass Effect 2 is AWESOME! – Episode 9

  1. Is it wrong that I think Space Duck is starting to look hot?

  2. Ben! Why did you shave of your mohawk. Seriously. Not cool, man.

  3. After watching my friend play Mass Effect with his own odd looking FemShep, Space Duck is sweet relief.

  4. Part 108 at 15:24

    That is suspiciously relevant

  5. I love fraser trolling XD Its so good ;D
    Cant wait for Mass Effect 3 :-D

  6. All the sex j’s in this game have been really disappointing.

    Rated M for Teen

  7. “Early next year” can’t come soon enough.

  8. Can we expect a blurred out screen at the end of this series with fan fiction?

  9. No offense, but taking a break is a great thing, these were getting tired as fuck. On the other hand ME3 is much shorter game.

  10. So the Asari call their brothel “pussy”? That’s kinda unimaginative

  11. they should take a break from mass effect like for a year k maybe not that long because they may forget things in mass effect universe

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