1000 Spikes is AWESOME!

September 18, 2012 in 1000 Spikes, Video Games AWESOME! by

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Spelunky is AWESOME!

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  1. Short but very dense and enjoyable show. I always like retro-looking platformers. Thanks for uploading!

  2. Ah games that force you to die over and over again until you memorize every obstacle
    Thats not frusturating and un fun at all

  3. Hey Fraser I don’t know if you read these but check out “I Wanna be the Guy: Gaiden” if you enjoyed 1000 Spikes.

  4. If i buy this game will I too get a sexy lady with a hairy chest?

  5. I want to see this long hauled… Do it Frash Frash.

  6. Thats a sweet jacket Becky is wearing!

  7. Where is the Spelunky episode? I need to see all the failure. Also this game is much easier than Spelunky and Super Meat Boy.

  8. Someone need to teach Ben how to sit in a dress x3

  9. YES. I also want to see spelunky!

  10. Shake the controller!

  11. I want this to be you guys’ next VVVVVVV. Play it until you win or run out of lives! XD

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