Krazy Kung Fu Kolor is AWESOME!

September 21, 2012 in Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, Kung Fu Rider, Video Games AWESOME! by

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24 responses to Krazy Kung Fu Kolor is AWESOME!

  1. Oh god. Is that jet set radio is see? It is. Excuse me for a minute. *ahmagadahmagadahmagadahamagadamagaaaad*

  2. I never played Crazy Taxi but I played Simpsons Road Rage. First thing I thought when you started playing was “Wow, so that Simpsons game was a complete rip off of this.” No wonder Sega filed a lawsuit.
    Too much Offspring, not enough Bad Religion. Although… I don’t really blame you. The tracks they picked for this game are unfortunately from those mediocre albums they made without Brett. Except ‘Inner Logic’, that’s an awesome song.

    Becky, that song you remember from your Little Mermaid album is ‘You Can Get It If You Really Want’ by Jimmy Cliff, featured in the movie The Harder They Fall. Cliff also did the title track to that film which is just as good, if you haven’t heard it already.

  3. Nostalgia Meter: 11/10

  4. Yay! I helped.

    Also, you’re missing ‘De Blob’, unless you’re going to upload that seperately.

  5. Sorry, clicked the ‘Make it Bigger’ Link on the homepage, so didn’t see the info about ‘De Blob’ the first time round.

  6. This got me wondering, does anyone in the cast have (or ever have) a Dreamcast?

  7. Ugh, reading how old everyone in chat was in 1999 makes me feel really old. I was on the verge of graduating high school in 99 while most of them weren’t even freshmen :P

  8. I remember Crazy Taxi. Me and my brothers used to play it all the time.

  9. Jet Set Radio Future basically takes all the bad from JSR and just tosses it. In my opinion, JSRF is a PERFECT game.

  10. I liked the Kung Fu rider, I reminded me of a stunt Jackie Chan would totally have done and I think there was a Donkey Kong ad with people racing on seats a while back too.

  11. That car exiting just happened like “Naw Farsher you’re done!” XD
    But seriously, Fraser should Jet Set Radio Future. Not long haul it but do about three to four level or whatever.

  12. Becky is looking good as usual

    the game got me inspired its time 4 some old punk songs

  13. Is anybody else having a squished screen for De Blob 2?

  14. De Blob 2 video doesn’t have HD and the aspect ratio is all wrong.

  15. Arghhh, I wanted to play Jet Set Radio for a so long time, and it turned out it’s blocked in Steam in Japan. Screw you, Sega!

  16. Jazz not relaxing? Fraser, are you telling me you’ve never heard ‘Flamenco Sketches’ by Miles Davis?

  17. This episode gave me the hugest nostalgia boner… especially when “All I Want” started playing. Crazy Taxi, with that song playing, was the biggest memory of my dreamcast days.

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