Assassin’s Creed is AWESOME! – Episode 3

September 24, 2012 in Assassins Creed, Video Games AWESOME! by

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22 responses to Assassin’s Creed is AWESOME! – Episode 3

  1. i like the new calm fraser

  2. It certainly was a surprise seeing you return to it. Even more so that you didn’t go around killing every person who pushed you around.

  3. :3 I like ass ass ins creed

  4. frash frash has been takin his medicine, a calm fraser is like a storm waitin to happen

  5. I’m so glad that you returned to this. Seeing Fraser playing this is so fun.

  6. I’m so glad you decided to go back. Also I love the names of the parts: Part 20 Ethnic Slurs, what fun for the whole family!

  7. Well you know what, good for Fraser to push on AC1 till the end, showing that he has patience. Still AC1 just isn’t polish and it isn’t because the gameplay was old but for it being poorly excited.

  8. wha…? You DIDN’T go to number 2!? THIS IS MADNESS!!!….THIS IS FARSHAR!

    Very surprised to see you come back to this after throwing your controller across the room. :P

  9. *obligatory comment saying that [USER] is surprised that Papa Frash-Frash went back to AC1*
    Glad you seem to be…enjoying it a little bit more. I managed to play through all of AC2 for the first time just recently, and I can say that I agree with everyone who says that everything in that game is tons better ^__^

  10. I really get bored watching this play. It’s nothing against Fraser or anyone else just these games are very boring to watch. I really hate it when fans push for a big game to be played and shit like this happens. That’s what I prefer when they choose the game and play it then the fans, as the fans really just want to see there favorite game played by them and not understanding that it really isnt entertaining for anyone to watch.

    Even the 2nd game is not all that fun to watch. Sure they may be good games but the convoluted story and mess of controls really make it a bore to watch. It’s no ones fault it’s just not a game for the show. I Know I will get flack for this but really after this game maybe they should call it quits with AC till the new game comes out.

    • I agree…to some point. The first two episodes are REALLY boring to watch, this one was fine for me strangely enough. I don’t think it’s unwatchable but…it’s definitely one of the less fun shows.

      AC is just a really, really boring franchise, and like JSC said it’s not because of Farsh-Farsh and the gang it’s because of the game.

  11. I prefer Calm Fraser to the Frager. While frage can be funny, it makes for a more enjoyable show when everyone is relaxed and just hanging out.

  12. Can I just say how amazing it is to watch Fraser play a game that he actually knows how to play? Seeing him actually making jokes and having a good time is such a good change of pace from just listening to him screaming incoherently and making judgements about the game based on face value (not that I want it to stay that way, of course, that’s half the fun of VGA). That said… can we get to AC2 yet? ‘Cause that’s one of my favorite games, and it’s much better for the show than AC1. Becky pretty much summed it up when she said that she couldn’t get invested in the storyline, because it kind of doesn’t exist in this game.

  13. Assassins creed is a lovely series and as long as they enjoy it, continue on. The storyline is thrown out the door and more so nowadays as the focus has become on time periods and actions rather than story that most cant follow or remember (not a bad thing, its key to sell on the spectacular like the revolutionary era). However, I always get a giggle out of how people complain whether its the game or demeanor of atmosphere. A variety of games allows for a variety of views, genres, likes, etc. If you complain so much why do you watch this episode when there is so many others? So a clam Fraser segment or assassins or what have you doesn’t suit your fancy? Well so many other episodes besides to enjoy.

  14. I always disliked the AC series, so to return was a little disappointing. That said, I didnt like 4 swords either and look how that turned out…

  15. Gotta jump around, gotta catch a train.

  16. Very happy Fraser came around on Assassins Creed, but also surprised, considering how the last AC episode ended.

    I also recommend throwing knives way back in one of the episode comments, glad to see him using them effectively, even if it’s just a coincidence.

  17. I wonder, concerning Germans – why didn’t the old name “Jerries” come up? :)

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