The Walking Dead is AWESOME!

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  1. I hope that this reaches Heavy Rain standards when it comes to the quicktime events.

  2. Well I gotta say…I wasn’t very impressed by the game. There are few things that really anger me more than a game that pretends to give you a choice only to have the result be exactly the same no matter what. Lots of games give you choices that have no real impact on the game; but I’ve never seen it so blatantly slap you in the face with it. If you want to tell a story, just make it a cutscene, don’t give the facade of interactivity.

    • Remember this is Telltale, they don’t have a budget as big as Quantic Dream to make the choices matter a whole lot. And most people play this game for the story and characters, not the choices. (also the Shawn and Duck choice does still matter, it changes your relationship with Kenny in the next few episodes)

    • Every game with choices has that tho. You think they’ll put all their money in a game where you won’t experience half of the game because of the choices?

      …but yes you’re right. That does suck. This is still one of the best games of the year tho, because it has fucking BALLS! HUGE FUCKING BALLS! Unlike other games that are all the same and just stay safe. You’ll see in the next episodes.

      • I think my biggest issue is that it’s so blatant about it. Like the part with the tractor (being vague on purpose here), Fraser specifically chose one thing, and the game forced the exact opposite to happen.

        • Sometimes though I feel like it can be used well, to show you perhaps how you’re in a terribly hopeless situation. As in whatever you chose you cannot avoid some event.

          Other times though yeah fake choices are annoying.

        • For this game though, making a choice goes beyond dictating the outcome, its more about how the other characters will feel about you. People are so jaded by things like Mass Effect where you make the law and it happens. This is The Walking Dead, it never happens like that. Robert Kirkman has repeatedly said that no character is ever safe ever. At any point a gun could be turned on someone, or a zombie could pop out of no where and bite someone. Think of that Tractor incident as a point to start conflict within the group.

          Besides, Shawns fate was marked in the books.

        • But that’s exactly how life works. Even though you want something to happen, it doesn’t always happen. There is something way more important about your decision who to save at the tractor scene:

          Kenny notices. And he won’t forget if you did or did not help his son. THAT’s the point and it does have a big influence on how the game goes from there.

          • Exactly. The choices are there to color your relationships with the characters, not to affect the plot. Just because the choices don’t turn the game into a Choose Your Adventure doesn’t make them worthless.

      • there are many games along these lines, and its how they develop their games. Money and budget? I wish people would not complain or compare. Play one of their other games, they did not make it for diverging lines they made it so that people reflect feelings about you and it comes out in dialog later over time.

  3. There was actually a Molasses Flood in Boston in 1919. 21 people died and 150 were injured when a storage tank ruptured and a 15ft wave of molasses spread through the district at 35mph.
    VGA: History is Awesome Edition

  4. please do more walking dead

  5. Pretty good game for your show, guys and Becky, I would really like to see you continue with the episodes in the future.

  6. Just enough hilarity and drama to make this a great game for the show. Not quite Heavy Rain but still great.

  7. When I played this game I went into to it without even watching the show, but I heard it was Heavy Rain-ish so I tried it, and kinda fell in love with the characters and I really love it now, the first episode, I admit, is pretty poor, there are good parts but episode 2 is better, and episode 3 is even better. Sure animations can be pretty wonky at times, dialogue can be pretty over the top but the game gets more and more polished. I just hope VGA didn’t get ruined on the series by the first part. And the only thing I can say as advise for Frasher is, don’t try to be you, be Lee. See it from his point of view until that time comes where you “become” Lee. Where the choices you make cause Lee to be what you want. Man…that was deep. Anyways keep up the work!

  8. Everyone hates Duck. I think in episode 3 you start to slowly like him.

  9. *sees part 5* And THAT is why you don’t like Larry. Man I have been commenting alot. I need to stop…

  10. I am so hesitant to watch this playthrough. I really care about the comic series Walking Dead and found this series to be reasonably inheritor of the comics’ spirit. If they tear this apart because they don’t pay attention, I’m going to be fairly frustrated.

    • That’s how I felt about the Heavy Rain and this one too. Fraser is talking about how stupid something is, Ben and Becky listen to him and then they miss something, for example, a character finding out a secret. Then later Fraser says the person doesn’t know so he makes a bad choice and blames the game when it was just his fault, chat tells him it was his fault, he does that thing where he makes his voice sound super serious and will probably say “That’s stupid” VGA: The Show, The Movie, The Game, The Experience. Also I am not trying to bash the show :)

    • its meant to be different, so do not compare too much on comics and video game. They even promote it as different, much like the show and so on.

  11. My mom gave her the gun and saved the girl the first time playing.

  12. Good example of student not paying for a game.


  14. Can’t wait for the next one. Episode two is pretty fucking amazing. The “next time” bits aren’t THAT spoilery, considering that your choices can change what happens.

    • And most of it changes before the release any ways. It could say “Then someone is shot in the middle of the road” and it ends up being at night in a small room. They change a lot before the release of the next episode.

  15. I hope they get back to this soon!

  16. Once again people in the chat boast their “You’re not playing the game the way I played it therefore you’re stupid and you’re playing it wrong” attitude.

    The game made for an entertaining VGA. I’m looking forward to the next episode.

    Glenn is wearing a Hieroglyphics t-shirt. That’s pretty cool.

  17. when i was watching The Walking Dead my mum knock on the window and i was wow what the fuck was that

  18. You know when Lee is in the car and the cop tells him about the guy in glasses that killed. It’s a reference to the comic. I just got that now.

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