The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of The Lamb is AWESOME!

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Part 2 - Hide and Seek!

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  1. Oh, yes! I’ve been hoping that you guys would eventualy play this. The episode where you played the first one is one of my favorite VGA shows.

  2. YUS, the original binding of issac episodes was one of my favs

  3. Here’s a childhood story. My entire time I was in school, I had only got written up twice, by the same teacher. It was in 5th grade. The first was when the class was being very rowdy, and the teacher yelled out “FREEZE!”. So I froze stiff, but in a way where I had my arm out (we were sitting on the floor), so she thought I was going to try to trip someone.

    The second time was because she was tired of me not doing my school work and be completely zoning out of it. It was something I couldn’t help. Years later, I find out I have aspergers. That’s one of those things I want to go back and tell the teacher “hey, you wrote me up for being autistic, bitch”.

    Thinking back, I have a lot of stories like that, where I would be completely unable to do my school work. I remember rarely ever getting to go to recess from grades 2nd-5th because of this. I’d have to sit with the teachers and “finish” the work. Which didn’t help because I get so nervous around people, I wouldn’t be able to do it anyway.

    Normally I’d end up crying during this time as well. I cried a lot back then. Also bang my head against my desk or the wall when I was frustrated with the those feeling that I couldn’t explain back then, which also resulted in my getting into more trouble.

  4. Awesome that they came back to this for holloween, I still come back to this game even after literately a year of it being out.

  5. About 2 or 3 years ago, when I was in 5th or 6th grade, it was the last day of school, so it was basically a big recess day. I decided to say a quote from Undercover Brother(basically the only thing I watched), so I went around to everyone “I’m hunting *insert N word here*!” I didn’t get in trouble, but I did get a bad vibe from people, and then somewhere along the way, I realized that was one of the worst possible words you could say.

    So… Yeah. I looked pretty racist.

  6. I was hoping Fraser had played the game just a little more beforehand, because it definitely has a steep learning curve. Not just figuring out enemy patterns; but learning (and remembering) what all the items do. At least the chat tried to help though.

    I don’t have a lot of great childhood stories that I can think of, at least that don’t involve flying off the handle and attacking someone.

  7. When I was in 3rd grade my teacher had me and two other people go up to the board to see who could solve a math problem the fastest and people were cheering me on but I couldn’t take the pressure so I shouted “Shut up!!” and ran into the bathroom crying.

  8. I was around 6 or 7 years old and I was pushing a shopping cart round a store quite fast then an old lady got in the way I stopped and mildly bumped her, she then shouted at me and told me off in the middle of the store.

  9. When i was in school i stuck my shoe in the teacher mac and cheese every time we had mac and cheese for lunch ever cover there food when i walked by them and when i was in 1st grade i pee in my pants and then i hided under a table after about 25-30 min a teacher got me to come out then i pooped my pants and the only day of my life i did not wear underpants so yeah

  10. Becky: Thats why I didnt get in trouble for giving all those blowjobs in school.

    BECKY!! I never get used to Becky making sex jokes. It…bothers me.

  11. Also. I am disappoint in the lack of Deacon stories.

  12. Do more Isaac playthroughs!!! They are great!

  13. Thinking about accidentally using the girl’s bathroom…I moved to a new school in the 2nd grade, and someone pointed me to the bathroom (it was the girls’, the kid was a dick :( ) and I ended up using it for the whole year before I realized.

  14. I prefer watching VGA on this site to Youtube

  15. And Old Gus grew up to be Ben

  16. i wont them to kick MOM and kill her

  17. One time in PE we were filming our golf swings for some reason and when it was my turn I completely pancaked and it took me over 100 seconds to hit the ball, everyone laughed. Then a year later my teacher came up to me and apologised and said “I showed it to my class this year.” So now they all laugh at me too.

  18. The first time i ever participated in something for high school and it really sucks the guy i was working with and i thought up this really complicated handshake we were going to do, so we demo-ed it for the practice run and we NAIL it they tell us no it not energetic enough so instead they made us hop while raising the roof. Im a large guy so me doing this look REALLY dumb but the worst of it all is its online. do a youtube sreach for this: (Plum High School 3rd Annual Pittsburgh Penguins Lipdub) and youll see what exactly i mean.

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