The Walking Dead is AWESOME! – Episode 2

October 2, 2012 in The Walking Dead, Video Games AWESOME! by

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  1. Damn I love this show. <3 It's always a highlight of my day when I see a new episode. I just finished reading for a test too, fantastic timing.

  2. The Youtube audience are usualy idiots. That’s why I only watch my VGA on!

  3. 18:00 Ben says “Why don’t we kill you and eat you.” Hahahaha!

  4. Somebody better of continued my dumbass count…

  5. Oh more walking dead? Right as I was about to go somewhere and be gone for long hours. Thanks VGA…THANKS!

  6. Wow, you guys are very condescending when it comes to food. I’d be hesitant to say something like “I don’t grill my sandwiches” because it seems like you’d tell me I’m a primitive simpleton.
    Sorry to leave a negative comment. It’s just that this haughty demeanor you three display when you proclaim that the entire population of Europe and America are idiots because some people may not use condiments on their food isn’t very pleasant.

  7. Okay I’m gonna watch the first episode, and I didn’t realize how much people hated them for hating duck, I mean I was kinda annoyed but that’s VGA so i was all like “WHAT EVES” You-Tube crowd is strange.

  8. lol i always say #FuckADuck

  9. Both mom and Fraser forgot to walk :D

  10. I hate how the chat was told “not to hint” yet they CONSTANTLY kept saying the Saint Johns were cannibals. I can tell some of the people who said that played the game before.
    Special kind of assholes…

  11. Watching this playthrough is pretty interesting because the gang has such different reactions to a lot of the characters than I did. Well, aside from Duck, obviously. Because fuck Duck.

  12. Also, that was a glitch. When I played this the mashing was so insane you couldn’t do it, you had to use some kind of machine to do it so it went to that cut scene right away. Odd…

  13. For the vampires games, I’ll probably repeat what was said in the chat but:

    -Infamous: Festival of blood was pretty fun and the setting would be perfect for Halloween.
    And if you only do the main story it could probably be done in one show.

    -Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines is one of my favorite westerns Rpg. The game is quite buggy because it was rushed by the publishers and Troika wasnt able to patch it later because they got bankrupt or something. BUT there is an unofficial patch that correct pretty much everything and even add removed content (because of the rushed release probably.)
    The game is on Steam for 20$. Don’t know how an unofficial patch would work with a Steam game but you could probably tell steam not to patch the game.
    The game even got an haunted house a few hours in, would be perfect for Halloween.

    • Oh man, Ocean House Hotel, one of the scariest moments in gaming in my opinion.

      While Bloodlines is one of my all time favourites (probably because it is somewhat similar to original Deus Ex) I don’t know how good it would be for the show. Not only is it an RPG where allocating points really matters but it is clunky by today’s standards and doesn’t hold your hand.

      Then again some frage and clueless wandering is why I watch this show…

  14. WAIT! Ketchup on grilled cheese? What the hell? How do you do that? I didn’t know people really do that? I mean…what the hell? I NEVER THOUGH IT WOULD BE DONE! What the hell…unsubbing, flagging, disliking, suing you and EVERYTHING!!

  15. I couldnt make it to this show, because I was marching for my school. I still need to watch it though!:)

  16. Did… did Fraser really just say that?

  17. I wonder If Watching on youtube makes them more money?

  18. Fraser! Stop reading Youtube comments, you know nothing good ever comes from there.

  19. Oh yeah and Ketchup with Grilled Cheese? When I was a kid I was eating Ketchup with pretty much everything but I never even though about trying it with that… Doesnt seems like a good mix, the ketchup would cover the taste of the cheese in my opinion.

    And that’s coming from someone with his share of weird mix. Ever tryed Ketchup in your rice? Or even Maple Syrup? (Ok in that second case, anything would be good with Maple Syrup.) I mean I live in the land of the Poutine and even I would not go as far as Frasher!

    I won’t hate on the idea though but it’s the first time ever I hear someone mentionning Ketchup with Grilled Cheese. In that case maybe it’s because I’m so much of a cheese lover that I don’t want to taste anything else with it. I put cheese in everything just to taste this delicious melty product.

  20. I make grilld cheese pretty much like farsh farsh but i have ketchup on the inside and ham sliceses and oregano (pizza spice) and put it in the waffle machene

  21. Episode 3 is gonna be awesome~

    Grilled Cheese with ketchup? I’ve heard of grilled cheese and tomato soup. I’m going to have to try this one day.

    Ben: A game like that already exists! It’s called “Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines”. It’s like an open-world RPG where you play a vampire in a modern setting, where you have to suck people’s blood and have all kinda of crazy vampiric powers! It’s $20 on Steam, and it’s pretty good :) Although it’s a bit dated at this point, but still awesome.

  22. Hey guys, I’m glad you decided to play Silent Hill 2.

    And please do Vampire – The Masquerade: Bloodlines, it will allow you to choose a vampire type, so it’s Nosferatu you want, you can be a Nosferatu. Each vampire type has different skills and abilities, in addition to a twist in the playstyle.
    Unfortunately though the game is quite bugged, but fortunately there are excelent fanmade patches that fix that.

    Also, in my opinion Penumbra is better than Amnesia, as a story. It also has more for it to keep you going.

    Anothey game I recomend for halloween is Sanitarium. (It’s available on GoG)

  23. I ALWAYS eat my grilled cheese sandwich (or Toasti as we call them over here) with Ketchup…and everyone who I know does it too. Don’t know why people reacted like they never even heard of it, I could understand if they didn’t like it but…never heard of it? Those are some freak ass people.

  24. I am suddenly craving grilled cheese. I’ve never had it with ketchup before and I am curious about trying it. I love ketchup :3


  25. In ~Europe~ we call it two pieces of bread with cheese, that are grilled.
    We don’t invent words for stuff.

    Ok, VGA, lulz aside – I often make awesome grilled sandwitches like this (it is VERY fast and super tasty) –
    1. you make the basis from beaten eggs and milk (like pancakes, only no flour)
    2. cut a good fat, salty cheese (avoid sweet or green cheese. I use this, but have no idea of the name in other countries in thin layers
    3. pour your premise on a heated pan
    4. put cheese on the top, with spaces apart
    5. put white bread slices on the cheese
    6. cook till slightly brownish
    7. consume
    eggs and milk will prevent the cheese to burn.
    Fit with dill, meat, paprica etc., though plain is very good.

    • I call it a “toasted sandwich” though I’ve never actually had one. The idea of making two slices of cheese on toast and then putting them together to form a sandwich has never occurred to me. Seems too… fat, and greasy. But maybe I’ll try it tomorrow. I don’t have any ketchup, sorry VGA.

      While I’m exhibiting my cooking ignorance I may as well say that my method for making cheese on toast has been to put bread in a toaster, then put cheese on the toast, then put the toast in a microwave for 10 seconds. I never knew.

      Walking Dead, right?

  26. You people are monsters!! That grilled cheese was most likely my cousin Ron ;_; ALL OF YOU JUST GET OUT!

  27. I’m from the US and I use ketchup every time unless I’m eating it with tomato soup and if i do i dunk.

  28. Everyone commenting on Grilled cheese and ketchup, which is amazing, i’ve never not eaten it like that. All i can see if Frasher’s face in the preview pic.

  29. By the way, not sure what the policy is on linking on the site, so I won’t do it here, but anyone who likes this game should read Patrick Klepek’s interviews with the writers on Giant Bomb. They’re really interesting, in-depth looks at the philosophy behind the design and writing of the game and the major choices.

  30. I learned my lesson about trusting really nice and secluded people from Fallout 3. Remember those ‘people’?

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