Assassin’s Creed is AWESOME! – Episode 4

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Part 31 - What Does it all Mean?!

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  1. I sat through this one live ’till the very end. One of the few episodes you actually feel sympathy for the gang. Not that stoked on getting the 3rd one now.

  2. Fraser, don’t think you’re alone in hating this game because even high level players like me had a very hard time getting through this game. Still, good on you and the gang for sticking till the end. And trust us, AC2 is far far better in every aspects.

    I really like the fiction of AC series but the fist one is very stage like of meaningful sentences but it is mostly words and no examples.

  3. “Fuck you, French people” – Fraser 1999

  4. Oh Fraser…you were so cool calm & collected last episode…But at least you beat the game.

  5. I didn’t remember it being as painful as it was watching live, I mean the first AC was repetetive to the max when I played it but I was jabbing my fingers to my eyes to endure the lameness this time around. The disappointment and frage from the crew was entertaining tho. I wonder if they’ll do AC:B & AC:R, Brohood was my favorite of all the games where as Revelations was probably the weakest Ezio game.

  6. fun fact the Mayan 2012 bs has already been proven wrong, they found another calendar that goes on for another 7000-ish years that is if you believe in this nonsense

    • That true but in context with the AC series is done smartly.

    • It is true that the Maya crap is a steaming pile of BS, but finding another calender does not lend credence to the assertion that it’s “proven wrong”. Even if they only ever did this one calendar, there is no logical connection to a Doomsday scenario. The thing that makes this claim BS is the fact that there is no reason and no evidence to believe that it’s anything other than just made up. There isn’t even evidence to suggest that the Mayans themselves ever thought of there being an end of the world.

      I’m pretty sure that’s no news to you, I just wanted to make it a bit clearer.

  7. I was worried at the end. Assassin’s Creed is wine that started to turn into vinegar. I was worried that this game would have given you guys second thoughts about Assassin’s Creed II. Myself, I think that I might have not been into the series if I had played the first one before II.

    Forget almost everything related to Assassin’s Creed game mechanic wise. Assassin’s Creed II is a huge overhaul that makes this game a lot more of a sandbox. The story is enjoyable and it is not slowed down by required sidemissions. The universe is much more rich and the database available in the game updating itself in the game is a sweet thing.

    That being said and done, you finished Assassin’s Creed on your own without the use of the save. Congratualtions are in order. I’m looking forward for Assassin’s Creed II and Brotherhood. Personally, I think Revelations should be played too but that game is much more shorter so it shouldn’t be a problem.

  8. I’ve said it many times before, but Fraser; just because you’re shit at a game, doesn’t mean the game is shit. I will admit the game is dated and a bit rough in places, but nowhere near as bad as you say it is. I’m a bit worried about what’s to come with this series. Fraser hates AC1 with such a passion, I feel he could NEVER enjoy the rest of the series.

    Becky, don’t feel bad about not being able to keep up with the story. It’s a bit convoluted at times, the fact that every character is a droning exposition dump doesn’t help. I understand clearly what’s going up, but that’s mostly hindsight.

    I don’t get why people always say that Brotherhood and Revelation aren’t connect. They are MASSIVELY connected, especially Brotherhood.

    Ben, the multiplayer in Brotherhood and Revelations works something like this; You will have to assassinate another player, while another player is trying to assassinate you. You have to kill your target without them getting suspicious, while making sure YOU don’t get ganked. All the NPCs look like your characters, so it’s not as simple as “find the one guy that looks like X”, because it could be an innocent. You have to pay attention to how someone acts to be sure. Pretty fun, but these days the only people who play are super noobs and zomgMLGpro1337gamez.

    On an unrelated note, I will now be re-donating to you guys because you deserve it. You all looked like you got PTSD from this game XD

    • Sounds like an AC fanboy. Don’t worry, I’m an AC fanboy, too, lol. I pretty much agreed with your very well put post.


      For those who don’t experiment, of course the game feels worse then it actually is. Experimentation is key when it comes to this series. I too was massively frustrated with the length of battles, so the logical thing to do was to run away, or try a different tactic. The game became a joke the moment I figured out that I could one hit kill using the hidden blade to any guard letting his guard down. A joke, but far less frustrating.

      Take Robert, for example. He does do grab breaks, but sometimes he falls for it, and an assassination’s all that’s needed while he’s down. Same goes for Robert’s/Richard’s soldiers.

      BUT, I salute Fraser, even if he didn’t come close to experimenting with the combat, for finishing the game in a sloppy style, as I wouldn’t have given the game a chance if it didn’t leave room for any experimentation.

  9. Frash Frash : Bye, I love you… Not really. Becky : Ohh …


  10. This one is painful to watch? Oh god…this is gonna be a loooooooong episode

  11. Worst part of this episode by far is watching Becky go crazy. Becky is one of the most optimistic, cheerful people in the entire freaking world. She’s practically the embodiment of the phrase “happy-go-lucky”. Seeing her become bitter and vengeful and angry and BORED is absolutely, completely heartbreaking. Becky, I know you read these comments, so I want to say this: don’t give up hope. As pretty much everyone who has played these games has said, AC2 is a superb title. Every single crappy, godawful aspect of this game is thrown out or vastly improved upon by then. Everything: the mission variety, the dialogue, the cutscenes, the characters, the combat, the stealth, the options you can take, the climbing, the guard AI, the lack of ability the swim, even the color scheme, and, most importantly, the story. You will love the next one. Have faith.

  12. Maybe in November you guys could dedicate a little into AC2 and Brotherhood. And get back to Phoenix Wright.

  13. I’m proud of you Frash-Frash for finishing the game!

    The second one is way better, the story is flowing pretty well and you don’t have to go to towns simply to do repetitive side-quests until you can assassinate someone. Everything is pretty much better.

  14. I’ve been currently replaying the second one, and I’m pretty sure you guys will think differently about the series within the first half an hour or so.
    It gives you proper characters, story, and proper cutscenes that are fun to watch!

    Also, I would probably say it’s worth just skipping Revelations after Brotherhood. As far as I remember that didn’t really add anything new until the very end, which isn’t even that big a deal in Desmond’s story.
    The gameplay is just more of the same that’s in 2 and Brotherhood anyway.

  15. I love Fraser for coming back and playing this game after he took the time to get to know it and all that. Its a pretty solid if not repetitive game.

    Although i gotta say i do love me some frage =P

  16. It’s over, yay! \o/

    I don’t think I ever completed AC1, cause of all the bugs and crashes it had back then.
    AC2 however was pretty sweet!

  17. OH GOD! That was pretty hard to watch. THAT ENDING, wow…I really hate that, you know what, RECAP:

    Desmond is being told to be in this thing called animus where he can be his ancestors. He starts as Altair! Altair is a dick assassin of a assassin group. That group leader is EVIL!!! The leader has a gold apple with supa powaz! Altair kills him because Altair turns out to be all non-dick mode. The people who told Desmond to do stuff are all like “OH THAT’S THE SECRET!!” and like “So…we will be back to kill you…brb!” Desmond uses HIS supa powaz (lets just accept it) and sees invisible writing on his wall, he is all like “WAT DA FUQ?” *END CREDITS*

    See! Didn’t even have to play it.

    • Also, I never played the other AC games so I cant say “The game is so much better than the first.” BUT I did play around in AC Revelations and it seemed really good. So you suck, or it gets better.

  18. X said on October 6, 2012

    You guys seem to like British comedy shows. Have you watched Spaced? Starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, directed by Edgar Wright. I think I can guarantee that you all will love it.

    Becky, if you liked Human Traffic, you should definitely see the episode ‘Epiphanies’ where they go clubbing.

  19. When I played through this I had no idea you were supposed to do things after getting out of the Animus so I just kept going to bed.

  20. the hole series is good, but the first had some problems on story and gameplay. the second one gets story perfectly but still little problems on gameplay, but it is better than the last one. Brotherhood solve the gameplay problens the story isn’t as good as the second but it is great. revelations doesn’t inproove much, but has some new gadgets and a cool ending to ezio story and at last, the third is the better gameplay and the story I saw so far are incredible and it shold be a great, gran finnale.
    (sorry for any errors in this text, I’m Brasilian and my english migth not be that good)

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