Deadly Premonition is AWESOME! – Episode 2

October 6, 2012 in Deadly Premonition, Video Games AWESOME! by

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23 responses to Deadly Premonition is AWESOME! – Episode 2

  1. I followed your guys advice and started watching Twin Peaks. There are a lot of similarities between them. And Twin Peaks is just awesome on its own.

    • Totally right?! It’s so good. I think I’ll have to rewatch it again soon too.

      • I loved the first season of twin peaks and I own them all, but the second season and movie didn’t do it for me at all…apparently that is pretty common for fans of the show though I heard.

        • It is common that people don’t like the movie, which I’m in complete disagreement with. I think Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me is one of Lynch’s best works. It seems a lot of people went into it expecting a continuation of where season 2 left off, tying up the loose ends and keeping the tone of the show, so they were disappointed when that didn’t happen.

  2. I think I might have to check out Twin Peaks as well. I have never heard of it before and this game has been really interesting so far.

  3. Yeah, Australia is so shit to live in if you want to play video games. Not only are they expensive, they’re usually censored to hell or not released

  4. I watched Twin Peaks when I was very young, 5 or 6 years old. Show gave me so many nightmares that I could never get back into it, even now, as an adult I still feel uneasy when it gets mentioned.

    In other news that is one weird as heck thumbnail, in so many ways.

  5. So…. Fraser is gonna say that everyone did it and at the same time no one did it as to throw us the viewer off from knowing who really is the killer?

  6. I dunno…without the horror-esque sections to break it up a little, it felt very repetitive at times. Lots of driving around, waiting for time to pass, etc.

  7. Wow. I knew this was heavily, heavily inspired by Twin Peaks from the first episode but now…it’s almost a straight up copy in some parts.

    I’d get this game right now if I had a 360, but I’m really enjoying this playthrough.

  8. I once saw a strip club in my town named “Twin Peaks”. I don’t think it was a reference to the show, or it would be the weirdest strip club ever..

  9. Oh my… At part 8 when you take your knife out at the city hall… I didn’t see the knife so the sound effect got me thinking: “Are they… flashing him?”

    This game seems just perfect for the show, for once Fraser gets to be truly pro!

  10. We’re driving the tractor!

  11. It’s kind of funny. I was able to buy Deadly Premonition from Gamestop without any issues

  12. Guys, I just wanted to let you know that every single one of you, Becky, Ben, Deacon, Kyle and especially Fraser, are glorious sexy beasts! Thank you for doing what you’re doing and never stop! You are an amazing inspiration to me and I would like to give you a really big “huge”! I don’t care if i’m drunk, I really effing love you guys!

    Thanks for being Awesome!

  13. I should watch twin peaks with this…just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Darn

  14. Deadly Premonition is so fucking interesting and i seriously need to start watching Twin Peaks .____.

  15. Hey Becky, I am from Switzerland and I can confirm that it is really expensive!

  16. Now that midterms are over I finally get to catch up on these past two episodes.

    Yeah! Yup.

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