The Walking Dead is AWESOME! – Episode 3

October 7, 2012 in The Walking Dead, Video Games AWESOME! by

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  1. I literally waved my fist in the air and yelled “Deadon, F*ck yeah!”, I’m a virgin…

  2. Love Deacon’s Undefeatable reference.

    I had much the same reaction as you all to the major events in this episode. I even made most of the same choices as Fraser, albeit for different reasoning. And I also felt like a huge ass as they played out. :)

  3. why does the chat need to snarf shit when its not necessary. I feel like those who do that would get timeout or something,if it was a non turbo they would get banned. I was really angry at the chat on this one.

    Super funny as always tough, nice to see Deacon there too :-)

    • We have actually had this same conversation in the chat lately, Ive been pushing for more severe punishment for false snarfs. The question is how severe should it be…

      • I agree agenttrap. When people snarf, we trust that person to be right and the fact is that trust was broken. They should be suspended for x amount of episodes. Banning them would be too harsh of a punishment, but a statement needs to be made. No false snarfs until you are 100% sure.

  4. Fuck Phoenix Wright, fuck Heavy Rain and fuck Amnesia. This game is the best game possible for this show. So much fun, so dramatic and so awesome. In my opinion, the best game you have ever played on the show.

  5. great episode guys!
    really loved your reactions in this one =)
    oh and I believe there is an easter egg that shows Duck turning into a walker and killing everyone on the train (the devs mentioned it in an interview)

  6. Somebody get that Hobo a Shotgun

  7. See guys! I told you guys you start to like Duck in episode 3. I knew you guys would…but then…yeah. Also, COD DAMMIT YOU-TUBE COMMENTS! At least Becky and Ben weren’t effected by it, visually, until they mentioned it. Great stuff as usual and keep it up gang! I love you all! (Yes…that was meant to be creepy)

  8. hahaha i like when they play games like these, they make decisions most people don’t so i get to see the bad ending n stuff so i dont need to play thru the bad side

  9. not exactly sure if this is a spoiler or not since I’ve never played or watched the show but maybe katjia was bit as well?

  10. I really loved the reaction from Fraser in this episode. With Lilly and Carley I had the total opposite reaction. I paused and put the controller down for a minutes or two, without any reaction, too shocked for anything.

    I also had the standing Chuck glitch but I laughed pretty hard at the invisible Duck, it was new for me.

    • Oh and sorry if anyone mentionned it but Turbo Tip!:

      You know how the cursor kind of looks like the D-Pad? You can use it instead of the buttons. Especially useful when you have to move the cursor with the right analog for some reason. Really helped me out in some scenes where you have to act fast. May be useful to know for the next episodes!

      • DERP: Can’t seems to edit posts here so another info I found. Not tested it myself though but I read that for the shooting scenes you may be able to use one of the triggers (R1/R2/L1/L2) even if the game is not telling you you can. Fraser may try them it if he want.

  11. Wanna have some fun? Go frame by frame on the two major events in the first part and watch their reactions. xD
    Ben makes the funniest faces-not to mention he is always the first to react it seems.

    Fraser,you should defiantly consider trying to get Kyle on a show with this type of game-I can only imagine how amazing his reaction could’ve been. xD

  12. I’m really loving this game! It’s the best one for the show. It’s honestly more fun to watch them play than play myself in my opinion, but I’ll try it out!

  13. I love the music in this game. That song in part 12 kinda reminds of Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

    The worst thing about when the chat leads them astray is that at the moment they realise they’ve wasted their time they’ll look at the chatroom and see: “YES mofo yes” “Yes!!!!” “The chat trolled u!!” “hahahahahahaha” …
    That’s not really helping the situation. But I do feel bad for the guy who gave the, let’s say, ‘mistaken’ snarf.


  15. Heads up, guys: Telltale released a patch for episode 4 that fixes a bug that erases your saves. I finished the episode just fine, but my brother got hit with the bug and both our saves were erased. :(

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