Dishonored is AWESOME!

October 9, 2012 in Dishonored, Video Games AWESOME! by

Part 4 - New Powers!

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  1. Awesome its up early, weird that this went up before AC2 .

  2. Thankful to see this up but please put AC2 up soon.

  3. I missed this show due to a certain Frash Frash changing the show time at 1AM my time so I missed it with out even knowing…

  4. Is there a show tonight?

  5. Nothing wrong with a little Sleepturbation.

  6. Watched a bit of this last night, game looks pretty good, happy I could get a preview. Gotta love frash frash indiscriminately cutting off old ladies heads too…

  7. As a fellow Canadian I was unable to watch this live due to family stuff, but I am pumped and about to start watching…this game looks like it will be awesome.

  8. The guy that you met after breaking out of prison looked liked the hobo from Walking Dead episode 3

  9. Did anyone else mentally play the boy’s “look at how much blood” line from Jurassic Park during the first rat feast?

  10. wow, the vision really does look like what you see wearing the one ring. anyways, the game looks pretty awesome, might give it a try when the price drops.

  11. With the not-having to kill the High Overseer: there is ALWAYS a non-lethal way to get rid of the main target. For the High Overseer, you can learn about this, like, brand-of-shame type thing. You have to knock him out and brand him with it, and he will be ejected out of the order, if not killed (I’m not sure on specifics, I never went that route). Doing this, along side not killing anyone, would cause the security to not be beefed up next time you go there. Because there won’t be this huge “OMG there’s an Assassin on the loose”. The other guy, who the High Overseer tries to poison, is actually on of the maid’s (from the hideout) brother, who is actually a good guy, but he hasn’t come around as to see the corruption in the government he serves yet, or something like that.

    I think I spent about three or four hours on that first assassination, exploring every area and trying to grab everything I could. I did the same thing to Granny Rags as Fraser, but… well, you’ll see.

  12. He Slices, He Dices, He makes Julienne Rats!

  13. Fraser, why do you say Twin Peaks is only one season long? I know you said in Deadly Premonition is Awesome “You should only watch the first season” and then Becky agreed “Just. the. first. season.” but do you really consider season 2 so bad that you pretend it doesn’t exist?
    I know it has a ridiculous amount of filler but the episodes directed by Lynch (like the one where you find out who the killer is, and the final episode) are brilliant.

  14. Somehow the existance of this game went completely past me and I only once saw a single trailer some weeks ago after I noticed lots of people are really exited about it.
    Now this actually does look quite interesting.

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