Deadly Premonition is AWESOME! – Episode 3

October 15, 2012 in Deadly Premonition, Video Games AWESOME! by

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15 responses to Deadly Premonition is AWESOME! – Episode 3

  1. sadly i didnt watch, damn you kongregate.

  2. Yet another classic VGA ending.

  3. Still love your game frash frash?

  4. Huh… on part 14 from about 11:00 to 14:50 the video derps out. The audio keeps going, but I get stuck with a Fraser Trollface. :<
    And it keeps doing it no matter how much I refresh the page. I've had this problem with a few videos, but none have lasted as long as this one.
    Is this happening to anyone else, or does the Glitch Gremlin just especially like me?

  5. What Fraser says about Twin Peaks is correct, season two is bad, I wasn’t disagreeing. I just thought it was odd the way you casually said “Twin Peaks is only one season long” as if it’s agreed upon by all that everything after episode 8 never happened.
    I think it’s worth getting through it, at least for the final episode. Sure, there’s about 15 episodes that should be cut out completely, but there’s decent ones too. And some of the information you learn is used in Fire Walk with Me, which is essential viewing for Twin Peaks fans.

    When George said “As they say, the, eh… early bird catches the worm” I can’t believe nobody said “You know the rest.” What kind of crazy VGA is this?
    Now then, I’m off to buy some ingredients to make that sandwich. Hoping the song will play when I take a bite. “It’s the best sandwich I’ve ever had! It’s got turkey and jam and it’s really rad!”

  6. love the fact this is getting a Director’s cut as well ^_^

  7. Bet that scream at 17:02 wasn’t Emily… looking at you Thomas!

  8. Have to admit, this game grew on me thanks to this playthrough, now I can’t wait to see more.

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