Assassin’s Creed II is AWESOME! – Episode 2

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Part 10 - Delicious Poison!

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  1. Good that you’re liking AC2 and I think that is the same reason why people wanted you to finish the first game, so that you’ll apriciate the second one more. You know. Since the first one was absolute shit.

  2. I think Fraser is underestimating how easy it is now to assassinate people than in the first game. This could be because he hasn’t play around with the game too much on his own time.

    I did remember AC2 being glitched but I guess I was luck to not have any. Plus I was doing some side stuff like finding feathers, glyphs and stuff so it probably allowed the mission to load better.

    Fraser complaint about the climbing and notoriety system is really just because he feels it takes too much time. And it a fair complaint only because he doing the show live but he should just be calm about it. It not like it that hard to do and it fair improved from the original.

  3. The CGI intro in Witcher 2 was created by Oscar nominee, animator Tomasz Baginski.

    *At End Of Show* He walked so funny! Subbing!

    No but really, ending made up for all the crap that happened at first.

  5. I like how Fraser gets mad that the stealth-based game makes him be stealthy (with notoriety and such)

  6. Fraser derping about is boring to watch just play it as it was intended…

  7. I absolutely love AC2, but Brotherhood was an even bigger improvement

    The worst that happened to me in AC2 was I lost my best save due to my internet cutting out and thus, lost access to the uPlay cloud servers so I was set back about 8 hours worth of stuff. Fixed it by changing the saves to my system instead of the cloud.

  8. Now when I say this, I’m not excusing Ubisoft for having glitches in their game. But even if there were no glitches at all, Fraser would still be terrible at this game XD

    But seriously, Fraser should be a game tester. He is CURSED with glitches in EVERY game he plays.

  9. Ever since they started this series, I’ve been so tempted to make a video to teach Fraser how to play it right. But he’d probably never actually watch it, and if he did, he’d probably go out of his way to do the exact OPPOSITE of how I did.

    When I say “teach” I mean “show you the stuff the game doesn’t actually make clear”. Because there’s a lot of that.

  10. Man that Dinosaur Walk killed me! XD
    But seriously, glad you’re enjoying the game Fraser. Maybe you can work on getting Altair’s armor off show. It’s pretty darn good!

  11. Couldn’t watch all of this one. Bad mood Frash Frash does not make a fun episode.
    That and going into playthroughs of games with deep gameplay like this is just painful as I can see how its going to end. under-geared, full of frustration. Deadly Preminition was being planned last year, and its an organised if a little slow (due to the game) playthrough. Mass Effect had constant advice from the mods, and has so far been awesome (if also a little slow when we have to have a full ass check on every female character). We need more of that or every episode is just going to be a car wreck like this one.
    For instance, I skipped ahead to see if it got any better and they still have barely any idea how the Notiriety system works, and they dont seem to realise they are playing a Stealth game. Notiriety is there to stop you wildly killing everyone and punish you for being seen. Just because the Assassins are skilled combatants, doesn’t means thats how the game is supposed to be played.

  12. Despite the glitches that was a great episode. Don’t let those mean glitches get you done frash frash.

  13. I’ve been following Fraser and his crew for a while now and… I am STILL amazed at how easy it is for them to find glitches and you always seem to stumble into them. It seems like every game they play, they find a glitch or a derp in a game. It must be one of Fraser’s Passive Abilities.

    I find myself agreeing with Fraser on the whole game save file. As a gamer, you shouldn’t have to back up your saves nowadays. Why haven’t companies built these measures into their games? It’s such an easy solution that can be done at the source.

    That last video, it’s a shame that I missed that live; but, I am quite glad that I decided to play catch-up on VGA episodes. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a good laugh, thanks guys.

  14. Silly Frash-Frash, kicking the enemy when he’s down won’t kill him, this isn’t Silent Hill 2

  15. I don’t normally find Frage that entertaining, but when Fraser scolded Perseus with the Head of Medusa by Cellini – one of THE most recognizable and cherished pieces of art known to the western civilization, I laughed so hard, I had tears running down my cheeks!

  16. this was so much fun until the end thanks guys! I laughed my ass off :D
    fwrash fwrash wanna pway pway

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