Borderlands 2 is AWESOME! – Episodes 3 & 4

October 20, 2012 in Borderlands 2, Video Games AWESOME! by

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11 responses to Borderlands 2 is AWESOME! – Episodes 3 & 4

  1. You guys seem to have improved a loot from the last episode. You have learned lots and it isn’t as frustrating to watch as the first episode. Good job, peps.

  2. VGA not in the thumbnail ? Surely it’s the first time ever !

  3. Oh mayn more borderlands!

  4. I love your Borderlands playthrough guys, keep it up.

  5. you guys makes this fun! I was very skeptic art first, since this is not a game i would play much (due to the graphics) but hey its allot of fun :D Love TIny TIna and Beckys character, so awesome

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