The Walking Dead is AWESOME! – Episode 4

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  1. YAY! It’s finally here! c:

  2. Happy Birthday Becky! C; I still feel bad about calling Fraser a grandpa….;_;

  3. Dat thumbnail! Oh, this is going to be good! *gets snacks*

  4. This episode has a serious case of oh-my-god-we-need-to-set-up-stuff-for-the-finale but its still prob my favourite one. After episode 3. Also it was written by gary whitta so I’m kinda biased.

  5. Part 16 on the Youtube Playlist is Private FYI.

  6. Part 16 doesn’t have 1080p HD on Blip.

  7. *SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO HAVENT WATCHED* So awesome to see someone tell Kenny off but my little cousin was near and I didn’t want to let her hear Fuck so I had to choose another…he still didnt come but he said he’ll wait for us..


    No but really, when I played this I did things quite a bit differently. For example, I didn’t drop Ben, my reason was that I felt like I tried to defend Ben this whole time because he is just a dumb kid, sure he mucks up a lot but he tries to do good, even though he fails at it. Like when he took the little tomahawk thing, he saw it and thought it could help, but he didn’t think about it being there to keep the door closed. So I helped him up because I defended him the whole game and I was NOT losing him now. And the game is meant to be tailored for the player so I couldn’t say you did anything wrong BUT your though that you would tell everyone that Ben just “slipped” or something was dumb to me. Did you just want to lie to everyone? I didn’t get what you were expecting after you let a member of the group die. And letting Kenny leave was kinda dumb to me BUT I shall drop it and just say good show guys and cant wait to frage some more on the next episode! Love ya guys!

    • Also, I don’t get why you would EVER hide the bite. WHY WOULD YOU EVER DO THAT?! The shadow chat was going crazy when you did that. It made no sense, at least you showed them later but still…Fraser…really now…

      • Actually it makes perfect sense in context. If you show them the bite the idea is oh no your on your own because they will not want to be with you if you turn right? But if you hide it they might go with you etc. Even though if you hide it two will not join you.

        • I guess. When I was faced with the choice, I felt like we were such good friends that I had to tell them and they would help me out still.

        • Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought. “Don’t show them the bite, they’ll cast you out. They’re not going to come near you if you’re infected.” It seemed like a perfectly sensible decision. Then I look at the chat and see fifty people saying “You’re an idiot, Fraser! You’re so stupid! What’s wrong with you, you moron!” …sheesh.

          • Well, okay, I would understand that if these were strangers but I grew to trust these people, they are my friends, I knew for a fact they wouldn’t cast me out. Maybe Fraser didn’t trust them and that’s why he hid the bite which makes sense but to me I felt it would be a terrible choice if the game had them abandon you.

            • Kenny especially if you sided with him throughout the whole journey. I mean you and him have been through a lot, so I would show him for sure. I mean back when Duck was bitten they showed you because they trusted you. Omid and Christa though…we only recently got to know them.

              • Yeah, I sided with him the whole way through, I saved Ben, Omid and Christa I didn’t trust 100% but I only needed Kenny.

    • It was also pretty obvious that Kenny would know even if he didn’t see you let go of Ben. First off he gives you a little head nod and looks down signaling you to just drop him. So if you really think about it if you go back and Ben isn’t with you Kenny is just going to assume you did just that.

    • If Fraser didnt do what he wanted to do, I would get more angry to be honest. Its his playthrough, not the chats. I didnt like Ben,so for me I was happy to see him die. I would do the same if I played this. Or I would leave him behind before letting him die though.

      If I was bitten in a zombie world, I would hide it, shitty thing to do, but hey I dont want my brains blown out XD

      SOOO much fun watching them play this! Miss the hobo though ;;A;;

  9. Spoilers*

    Out of all the people I thought Fraser was going to take, I could of sworn that Kenny would be it. Kenny has been with us since the beginning, and he has been pretty supporting, both with killing a certain unnamed douche and with Lee’s past. Even so, it is pretty character breaking for Kenny to just be like “Why should I help you” when we sided with Kenny on pretty much everything after the first episode. I also found it weird that him being christian makes any difference since we never took that as part of his character. The obvious joke seems to make itself in the game, since right after the Christian line was basically “You wouldn’t do the same for me!”
    Over all, some of this conversation seems like something that would be said in the first part of the game, not after all the trials and tribulations that have taken place. It especially doesnt make since Clem was Duck’s friend, and she is the only thing left from duck.

    • Good point. When I was playing this I sided with Kenny on everything, expect with killing Ben, and he said that I had his back the whole time and what kind of friend would he be if he let me go. And he said bitten or not a friend is a friend. It was a nice scene that I feel like the gang should of gotten, maybe because they didn’t save Duck in the first episode? I’m not sure but just wanted to say that the game really rewards you for siding with Kenny.

    • Yea, it was dumb that Kenny was being such a dick to Lee just because of what he did in the first episode, despite the fact that we sided him so much. Maybe in the end, Lee didn’t do ENOUGH siding with Kenny on things and that’s why Kenny was acting like an ass to Lee? Idk, all I know is I think Fraser made a decent choice when he told Kenny to fuck off, because at that time I was fuming after Kenny blurted out that Lee let Ben die and shit. Slammed my hands, Phoenix Wright style, because of it. It hurt. ;-;

      • I didn’t think telling Kenny to fuck off was a very good idea. Because Fraser just left him with the boat, I wouldn’t be surprised if Fraser heads to the docks in episode 5 and finds out that Kenny abandoned them. Even if he doesn’t come with ya, if you don’t tell him to fuck off, he promises to wait for you and says he doesn’t care if you’re bit or not.

        Soooo…Episode 5 will be interesting.

  10. Haha love the “The Wire” reference

  11. The parallels between the way the Crawford group does its business and the choice Lee has to make with Ben are pretty interesting, I think, although definitely heavy-handed. It’s really the whole point of the episode. I felt like a huge dummy for not catching it until after the fiasco with Ben and Kenny before the tower, haha.

  12. Aw, Becky’s face every time Clementine says something sad…

  13. vga is awesome lalalalalala

  14. Very good episode guys! Can’t wait to see you guys play the next episode once it comes out!


    Though, to say one thing, I disagree with you guys killing Ben. I completely understand why both choices were made, however I somehow felt Ben didn’t deserve as gruesome a death as he received. Then again, he was quite a dick at some points, so as stated before, I understand why you did it.

    *End spoilers*

    In any case, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKY!!!

  15. I must be the only one who didn’t really like Molly as a character in my playthrough lol…I just thought they tried too hard to make her ‘edgy’ and all that, the tough mountaineering chick with the ice pick etc. I am still bitter about Lily blowing Carly’s brains out with her pistol tbh.

    • I’m with ya about Molly. She was kinda a bitch, but just because she’s self-reliant she’s “cool?” She still lied and was a horribly sketchy person. I was waiting her to betray them any second.

      • What really irritated me was what she said to Vernon upon meeting him in the school. Here’s this girl who is raging against a society that outcast the elderly, sick, pregnant etc., and the best thing she could think of to say to the guy was ‘who’s this fossil?’ Whether she knew he was a doctor or not and therefore invaluable is irrelevant…I would have no time for attitude like that in real life, so I don’t see why I should in a game either. I also played with Kenny as my bro throughout the first four eps though, so that will no doubt contribute to my biases towards Molly to some extent.

  16. I was happy that the new girl didn’t come with you. I didn’t like her for some reason. The coolness thing doesn’t fit a girl in my opinion (not being sexist or anything). I just allways hate the badass chicks in any movie or game and stuff like that :/

  17. This playthrough is awesome.

    VGA should do more STORY-BASED games (Remember Heavy Rain? Was that not a success? You will never get bigger audience with other games, like Borderlands etc.).
    You simply have more material to work with, to make jokes about.
    When you have endless repetitive shooter or something like that, any fun is simply sucked out completely.

  18. Ah poop D:


    I ended up going alone and it was the most depressing thing ever :( I chose not to show them the bite AT ALL. If i showed them, would Christa and Omid have gone with me? Jeez. And Kenny? I liked Kenny but he progressively became a REAL pain in the ass sometimes ._. so he basically said the same to me.

    Anyways, thanks for playing and introducing me to this series guys! Glad I caught up and played episode 4 before I watched you guys play it :)

  19. *Spoiler*
    The only thing that disappointed me the most is Kenny not coming (cod dammit Fraser DX). For someone who has been your bro since Episode 1, he did start coming off as an asshole. It still would’ve been nice to have him come along. Him and Lee made a really good pair/team. And the fact that Molly isn’t coming either sadden me. Awesome show anyway and seriously no blame on your part on your part Frash frash! :3

  20. Becky, think you can trow together a Moly Costume for the last episode. ^^

  21. I have to agree that Molly is the coolest character in the game. When I saw her I was like “I so want you” Hope she is in the next episode.


    You have been warned

    Incase no one above said it the way you can get everyone is you side with Kenny ALL the time (You wanted to kill duck when you got to Maccon and you didnt save him at the farm) You show your bite for the couple and for Ben…ya dont let him die and he comes. These are the only way. Sadly I only got Ben and the couple to join me. Ben may be an idiot but letting him die gives him the easy (thought far more painful) way out instead of working to do better.

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