Amnesia: Justine is AWESOME!

November 1, 2012 in Amnesia: Justine, Video Games AWESOME! by

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Amnesia: Justine is AWESOME!

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  1. Woah i wait for new vids to go up then just about to give up then bang 5 different games up
    Me very happy :D!! thanks Frash Frash

  2. Big Ups to Ben and/or Frash Frash for uploading all these! :D


    The order of those two right slides is indicated in the soul journal. “Today I was the right one” becomes before “Today I was kneeling”. It’s pretty vague but I got it after a while myself. Also I think the speech about the statue at the beginning of the area is also hinting the two right slides. The priest had said to justine that the statue could be begging for mercy or being blessed.

    Also there are alot of hints that would indicate that Justine, after all the horrible stuff she had done, wanted to test herself if she had any humanity left. She prepared a test for herself and drank the amnesia potion In the good ending she is happy to find that she does but if she kills everyone the test is considered a failure even if she survived.

    It has some speculation but after few playthroughs I’m pretty sure this is how it goes.

  4. not to bad of spoilers as compared to Amnesia last year

    Keep working on it chat buddies.

  5. “You can no longer play Amnesia…”
    Ben should be playing “You have only one Life”, a free flash game. It’s best when you come back to play it again a week or two later. ^^

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  7. I’m an awesome drawer and I walk/dance in the street with my friends when we walk home from school and one day we sat in the street in a big group and took a picture. So yea.

  8. I was too scared to play it alone after playing amnesia original. Thanks Video Games Awesome!

  9. *Grabs popcorn* Welp, due to that hurricane I have alot to catch up on. This should be funs. :D

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