Luigi’s Mansion is AWESOME! Conclusion!

November 3, 2012 in Luigi's Mansion, Video Games AWESOME! by

Part 31 - MARIO!

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  1. Cool that atleast baby Deacon can now wear green. And seriously Timebomb? I can’t bellive you trolled them twice with that manual.

  2. What! you’re getting a 3DS capture card? that. is. AWESOME. MLG!

  3. First I would like to echo the sentiments of Hylian. I dunno if it was a known thing that you were getting one but this was the first I’d heard of it.

    Second, man I was not expecting you to long haul this all the way to the end. Nice to see I have plenty left to watch, especially since you seemed to really enjoy it.

  4. so much snarfs in the chat;P its true, its dead XD Hilarious play-through, I missed this ;D mmmariooo XD

    • Yeah, there was a LOT of Snarf-spamming where it wasn’t needed. I’m looking at you, MK24–every damn comment you make, whether a guess or even a tip, is a snarf.

      That’s why the derp/snarf system needs to be updated; since people consider derps to be guesses, they always say snarf. There needs to be at LEAST three different ‘words’: one for guesses by people who’ve never played (what derp is considered as), one for guesses by people that think they know the answer (what snarfs are currently abused for), and a legit 100% know-the-answer comment (what snarfs are supposed to be).

  5. Boolussus is a piece of shit boss fight. But having watched that I’d love to see you play through Sonic Adventure 2. The bosses throughout the game, but especially at the end of the final questline, is sure to be a god damn frage RIOT.

  6. If I ever have kids I’m gonna tell one he’s real and one that he’s imaginary.

  7. All dat hand holding! :P
    Back in my day, we drew the maps out on paper as we played!

    (Well, I didn’t. I never played those old-school PC adventure games. There are games like that though, and still games that give the option for a ‘hardcore’ playthrough like Legend of Grimrock. Though I do remember drawing a rough Resident Evil 1 mansion map so I could mark it with points of interest when I played.)

  8. No way…YES YES YES! Luigi Time!

  9. That was a great show. I love seeing you guys play Nintendo games, they seem to bring out the best in you (in both rage and joyful ways).
    Can’t wait to see you guys play Luigi’s Mansion 2. 3DS shows are gonna be fun

  10. My daddy has trained my brother and I to kill anything wearing a green hat on sight.

  11. Fraser: I gotta admit something…I’m kinda loving this game…
    Me: YES! One day Fraser will love Luigi more than Mario…and we will be together for ever…

    • Fraser: That’s why I have grown to like Luigi, Nintendo has embraced his underdog-ness

      Fraser…he has been embraced like this for years now…cod dammit

      • Now that I think about it, I think the reason I still like Luigi nowadays is because–unlike Mario–he actually has CHARACTER. Mario to me just seems kinda…boring. I think when Luigi really won me over was when I played Superstar Saga.

        I don’t know if Fraser would be alright with playing a ROM of a GBA game on-show, but I’d love to see the gang play the “Mario & Luigi” series. Superstar Saga was one of the greatest games I’ve ever played, and the humor in it is fantastic. Fawful is one of my favorite bad-guys of all time.

  12. Then the game is easy:
    Fraser: “I love this game”
    Then the game gets progressively harder:
    Fraser hates the game.

    I loled all the way

  13. Has Fraser seen the (Real) luigi’s mansion????

  14. you guys should play paper mario

  15. Ho! That green Mario fellow reminds me a lot of Udgey!

  16. Horrible boss fight…. Dx

  17. Ah,I see you guys played one of the greatest games of all time! Good jorb!

    Play Paper Mario Sticker Star as soon as you get that man!

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