Deadly Premonition is AWESOME! Conclusion! – Episode 6

November 7, 2012 in Deadly Premonition, Video Games AWESOME! by

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  1. OMG, I watched all the parts so far and I’ll keep watching all of them until the end and will enjoy doing it.
    But Damn, that game is terrible! Everything but the writing and the characters is fucking horrible. Graphics are bad, level design is bad, sound is bad, soundtrack is bad, combat is bad, enemies are bad, dialogs are bad, pacing is bad. What an awful, awful game…

    With great writing.

  2. I have to thank Fraser for showing off the side quest since the stuff I seen of DP is mostly been the main story. Let be clear, this game is not great but it is well written and has some good ass characters.

    Still, nothing will beat Giant Bomb’s Endurance Run but this will be a close second.

  3. Anna, Becky, Carol, Diane, Emily, … Francis (York Morgan), George, Harry, …

  4. This has been a great playthrough. I heard they are doing a director’s cut version of Deadly Premonition for the PS3 next year, which I’d like to pick up. Apparently, it’s going to have up to date graphics and controls with new side quests and cutscenes. Keep that in mind for next year. And from Part 38, when you guys were talking about Haley Joel Osmund, it gave me an idea: would you guys ever consider playing Kingdom Hearts for the show? That would be awesome! Plus, Becky could make some great costumes for that! =)

  5. First Episode: I’m going to hate this game to spite Fraser!
    Second Episode: Game is sooooooooooo flawed! Game sucks!
    Third Episode: Oh man, this game is funny, still stupid through!
    Fourth Episode: Holy crap! Game is pretty intense…
    Fifth Episode: Story is getting cool I guess…
    Sixth Episode: OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS GAME! SO GOOD! Sure the investigation scenes were not explained and what the heck are those red and white rooms? What was the symbolism? But it was still awesome! All those small flaws seem as if it doesn’t even matter anymore, they were flaws but…the game is so good. GOD SO GOOD! Also, something I noticed was that York wouldn’t have hair grow where Zach’s scar was, just a note.

  6. Well, now I can see how so many people love this game. It has _so_ many issues. Huge ones, which I think would be a dealbreaker for me. Thankfully your riffing made it quite enjoyable. Still, that ending! I have never been this surprised by a game. I’m not sure whether or not it redeems itself with this brilliant plotwist… but you know: Kudos, Deadly Premonition!

  7. I just can’t let go of Greenvale either! D: When i finished watching this last part I felt a little bit empty – like the feeling you get after finishing a good book or watching a really good movie. It’s painful knowing what happens and yet here I am about to watch the playthrough all over again :/

    And I totally agree with Fraser about the weight added onto the ending after doing Emily’s side quests. I’ve watched other playthroughs of this game but they didn’t take the time to do the side quests or do extra stuff that I would’ve really liked to have seen. So I gotta say super thanks to you guys for doing them :)

    Well, off to Part 1 now!

  8. I really enjoyed watching this playthrough.

  9. Thank you and damn you for showing me this game, VGA. I really would never have experienced that AWESOME story had you not played it.

  10. the ending made me cry TTATT *sniff sniff*

  11. At first this game was ridiculous but enjoyable, then it became ridiculously stupid and at the end it was just retarded. The only thing I really liked was York. He desrves to be in a actually good game.

  12. I hear the voice, it remains
    I hear the voice, it remains
    Night and day, misty rain
    Hide and seek, hide and seek
    You and I, kiss in vain
    Hide and seek, hide and seek

    We have the sence of love and innocence
    For we were always wondering
    We owned the time of the history that we weaved, so wrong
    We will go on and thrust into light
    For we were always searching
    We owned the time of the history
    That we weaved so wrong

    Someone caused mistrust in Greenvale (this line could be soo many things, ‘called his bluff’ ’caused murder’ etc)
    Everyone reach out and see
    Someone called his bluff in Greenvale
    Everyone reach out and see ;)

  13. Holy crap this game became crazu good the last couple of parts. I hated this game all the way until the end. I’m not gonna lie I kind of like this game now…

  14. I just realized that everyone talking about Yorks (Zachs) scar early in the game were actually talking about THIS one. Not the one that York sustained, but the one given to Zach when he was young that we couldn’t see. The writing in this game is nothing short of amazing. I think I’m sold on getting that HD PS3 version on release day!

  15. I’m kind of stunned at how much praise the writing of the game gets here.

    Let me be very clear: I love Deadly Premonition. I played through it twice. Bu ti love it because it is so goddamn awful, ESPECIALLY the writing. I mean, seriously, most of the games plot is a direct rip off of Twin Peaks. No kidding: I watched Twin Peaks after i played through DP and it actually spoiled the story in parts.

    Everything it doesn’t simply copy from Twin Peaks it does horribly. I mean, the fact it kind of turns into Dragonball Z at the end with him going into SSJ4-Mode amazes me to this day, not even talking about the Tree-aliens. None of the “symbolism” makes any kind of sense, nothing amounts to anything, no one talks like a real person…it’s just one big clusterfuck of utter stupidty and incompetence.

    And that’s what makes this game so great. It’s like the most beautiful train wreck i have ever seen.

  16. God I hate you Fraser! I After watching this episode I feel like a part of my soul just died. This game’s ending is worth a full week of 4chan. :P

    I’m still surprised to never have heard of this game before, it was pretty interesting!

  17. This game is amazing. The biggest strength of this game, despite the horrid controls, inappropriate soundtrack, weird dialogue audio issues, and a story that is pretty much all over the place, is the characters. York, Emily, Zach and all the characters of Greenvale are memorable and funny and leave a real impression on you. The characters are the reason why some people are able to look over all the flaws and call it a good game, and I think it’s perfectly fine to do so. Strong and memorable characters can do a lot to carry a game.

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