LittleBIGPlanet Karting is AWESOME!

November 11, 2012 in LittleBIGPlanet Karting, Video Games AWESOME! by

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  1. Ben is looking more handsome than usual. And the game looks fun. Maybe I’ll check it out.

  2. You can definitely jump in Mario Kart Wii, I use it to cancel out of a Wheelie to turn quicker and dodge banana peels ( You can see me do that on my Mario Kart Wii episode of Monday Morning Mashing *Shameless plug*)

  3. just realized that Fraser isnt bold in this episode *nosebleed*

  4. Oh yes…I have been waiting for this *squeals*

  5. I love the couples co-op episodes. No offence, Ben. There’s just something about them.

    In regards to “What’s Stephen Fry been in?” …You guys don’t watch QI? Fraser Intellectual-Pursuit Random-Facts Agar doesn’t watch QI? That’s kinda mind blowing. You’ve got some catching up to do for your new favourite show.

  6. About the multiple login thing: you CAN do multiple logins on the PS3, but its on a game-by-game basis. Not every game lets you do it. Media Molecule gave you the option in the first two LBPs, but it looks like Modnation didn’t include that feature. All you had to do was turn on a controller, and as soon as you did it would ask you which account you wanted to play.

    • They didn’t try it that way during the show but yeah you are right about how it it worked in the first two Little Big Planet games! It probably does work in this two but like I said they didn’t know how to in order to try.
      Part 2 was pretty frustrating when the chat would not explain how to login as two players that way and when they replayed track 2 by accident instead of returning to the pod (making Fraser think you had to come first to progress).

  7. Dat Thumbnail. Seriously love it :)

  8. This game is so far up its own ass it’s ridiculous.

  9. D’awwwww, such a cute playthrough.

    Also, big ups for Chame Lion K. ;P

  10. haha i love how Fraser tries so hard to ignore Beckys flirting xD
    so damn cute :3

  11. The “boss music” is from band called Turisas, they/someone remixed one of their songs to be without the main singer. Which makes the song fit the stage much better ofc. They are pretty great live (and I have their shirt :D)

    the full song:

    • Someone on the team must’ve been a fan, this song is neither a single nor a first or last track on the album.
      I agree they’re a great band, I own 3 shirts and 2 CD’s and I’m gonna see them live for the 3rd time next year.

  12. Don’t reboot the LBP2 playthrough-just finish it. You guys have literally one world left(which is arguably the best one too)

  13. Is the freezing up of the system/game really a game breaking glitch; or a glitch at all? Then again some games crash more then others ie. Elder Scrolls/fallout Vegas so maybe it is. Anyways I consider a game breaker as stopping all progress, ie. skyward sword/deadly premonitions game breaking glitch so my definition is different I suppose.

  14. also 9? You where using the Mario Kart series as your shinning gem, so this was never going to be a 9 by any stretch of the imagination.

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