Halo 4 is AWESOME! – BroBattle!

November 12, 2012 in Halo 4, Video Games AWESOME! by

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24 responses to Halo 4 is AWESOME! – BroBattle!

  1. becky had a sex change what is her blokes name

  2. Griffball is based on on the Red vs. Blue series. There are no rules, except everyone abuses Griff, which is the guy with the yellow armor.
    Look up Halo Red vs. Blue, Fraser might like it.

  3. I love how fraser is actually slowly turning into a bro during this.

  4. The guy next to Fraser is making me feel rather inadequate.

  5. Fraser, sword dash is pretty good if you use it like a pro ya noob! #BROLO4LYF

  6. Wow, Becky makes a very attractive man.

  7. I goggle Broky and got the image of small metal balls, More like two huge balls am I right!

  8. Fantastic episode. Broky is an awesome new cast member, even if I do really miss Becky. Hope he comes back in other shows to show them noobs what’s what. :P

    Also, gotta love how, while many gamers are complaining about Halo giving up too much of its identity to be more like COD, Fraser’s main complaints are how it’s NOT copying every aspect from other shooters.

  9. I don’t like Halo at all, but this show was amazing, so was the Reach episode btw.

  10. To quote myself from over at BT:
    Watching this I felt my bro-hood grow bro-hard, bro!

  11. You suck so hard guys. I’d kill you with a plasma while fucking a gril’s dick! Seriously brah… I’d fuck you up!

  12. GAH!! Fraser did the one thing with his hat I can’t stand! The sideways thing….*blacks out*

  13. So many hats! You’d think they’re playing TF2.

  14. one of my new favorite episodes

  15. Becky Blow is such a BRO yolo

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