Black Ops II is AWESOME!

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  1. Oh how I wish they sold the zombie mode as a separate 20$ download game-I’d totally buy it then.

  2. I’m kinda confuse as to how Black ops is the masterpiece that Fraser is praising it as. I just can’t get over the silliness of the moments and the goofy characters. Did’t mean to make this comment to be a rant but I just didn’t see Black ops as a mastery of story and characters. I do give Black ops 2 credit for making some interesting story choices with getting information and some interesting twist later on.

    Truth is about Modern Warfare 3 was that it wasn’t made by the real creative team who made the call of duty series so great and it showed when they were playing it. Kinda want them to try the first Modern Warfare but it may be too late.

    Well have fun Fraser. Anything that is call of duty after Modern Warfare 2 isn’t a game for me anymore.

    • Well I don’t see it as a “masterpiece” but I liked it a lot. I prefer the MW series more but that’s just because I have been with the characters longer. I liked black ops because of the whole “numbers” thing and what not, sure it was silly at times but for me it was fun. But I see why you are saying what you say. Now…GOOD DAY SIR!

    • Fraser clearly loved it because of the silliness. I think so to, I’ve never liked any of the call of duty games, until I saw horseback riding with Bazookas. I may have to rethink my opninon on this series… Are all the games like this?

    • I agree. Black Ops 1 is the only one of the Call of Duty games I’ve yet to finish (and I never plan to) because I was so tired of that type of warfare FPS game. It felt like the same old war game that I’ve played 100 times before and Black Ops 2 doesn’t really seem all that more exciting to be honest. At least Modern Warfare did something new and fresh by taking a new approach to the warfare FPS genre, but then they went back to this crap again. The only thing that would be even more boring would be to bring back the Vietnam War or WW2 FPS games.

      • New and Fresh my ass. The first one maybe, but the second and third modern warfare failed to introduce any innovation. At least Black Ops 2 has innovation. RTS elements, branching storyline, wager system, etc. If anything the FPS genre needs to get OUT of the modern era because of how over saturated it has become. It’s been long enough that the WW2 FPS’s are now all old and can be revised.

    • I think that if the characters didn’t look so human and more cel shaded like borderlands 1 & 2, I wouldn’t mind the silliness. In fact I would had enjoyed it since the look of the game would better reflect with the tone of the game and the lines and actions of the characters.

  3. Fraser, what you need to understand is that there isn’t one Call of duty series; there’s actually two. The Modern Warfare Trilogy has nothing whatsoever to do with the Black Ops trilogy (World at War is considered the first part in that trilogy since it has many of the same characters). Both are made by different devleopers and have different storylines. And personally, after Infinity Ward got gutted by Activision’s lawsuit, I think Treyarch’s got the better series.

  4. lets me join, I know the map and what u can do and everything. my XBL profile is imaprosniper117. I can help you, pluss show some Easter eggs (hidden story or hidden things)

  5. were those guys speaking portugese in part 2!?

  6. Dear god I am so happy Ben is here to clear some things up for Fraser so I don’t have to yell him in the comments here.

  7. Watching Fraser play this hurts. It makes me want to play the single player again just to be satisfied that I can, in fact, do better. One VERY important thing to remember is that this is the first CoD that has choices in it, which affect the story. I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think that those RTS-ish missions affect the story, as they are entirely optional, except for the first one.

    Also the Zombie mode started in Call of Duty: World at War, not Black Ops 1. But both were Treyarch developed. Also the stories of WaW and BO1 are linked in a way, as WaW actually had Viktor Reznov in it.

    Here’s a spoiler-free summary to get you all up to speed:

    First off, it should be mentioned that the MW series and the Black Ops series have nothing to do with eac hother. So much so, that they are considered two separate timelines.

    You play as the original main character from Black Ops 1, Alex Mason, in the past times, and his son, David Mason, in the year 2025 (although he is often referred to as his codename “Section” in the story). As Alex Mason in BO1, you thought Woods died (or possibly didn’t exist, and you were imagining him due to your brainwashing from the Soviets) . He was your sergeant in that game. But it turns out he survived, which is where that rescue mission at the beginning starts from.

    You are actually a trio. Mason, Woods, and your handler; Jason Hudson. He’s the guy who is always wearing the aviator sunglasses. He plays a big role in the Black Ops series. He was the guy interrogating you in BO1.

    In 2025, you have your partner, named Mike Harper. He’s the guy that Woods (in the future) is always calling “Dipshit”. There’s another guy on your squad named Salazar. He’s the one who is always spouting exposition about the main baddie, “Raul Manendez”.

    Manendez witnessed horrible war crimes when he was a kid. He and his family lost pretty much everything in an earthquake in ’72. His sister was badly burned in a fire a year later. They were seeking shelter in a warehouse, when it’s American owner burned it down for insurance money. When he was a teenager, he and his father started to sell drugs for “easy” money. Their cartel became very powerful, to the point where the CIA assassinated his father.

    In ’86 (just after his sister was killed by the grenade blast), Manendez started to smuggle guns for his own private army, planning his vengeance on America and all other Capitalistic nations. Back in 2014, he’s started a movement called “Cordis Die” on social networking sites (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.), gaining billions of people loyal to his cause. Which would be to bring down corrupt, capitalistic, 1% nations. A so-called “Messiah of the 99%”. He goes under the name “Odysseus” online.

    A side character worth mentioning is Zhao, who is the Chinese soldier that Mason, Woods, and Hudson worked with in Afghanistan. He is the Chairman of the Chinese army, who Briggs mentions in a few pre-mission briefings.

    That’s about all I can say without spoilers, at least at this point in the story. The campaign is about 8 hours long in total, or at least that’s how long it took me to beat.

  8. Wow, guys in comments. Discussing the plot in a CoD game? And I thought that it’s just some Clancy-style nonsence serving only to justify good old gunjerking for ‘murica. Shows how much I know.

  9. Dose remember reznove( or what’s his name) man he was badass

  10. Bro tip : hold trigger button and press x and y makes you jump higher

  11. “Now I’m not sure if I can shoot though cover”, said Fraser when he realize he can’t shoot though a stone wall.


  12. Thursday night, I had a dream I was in their house. Fraser said the show was gonna start soon, so I could go sit on the couch. Becky sat next to me, but she was staring off into space. I did to, but I’d occasionally glance over at her.

    It was my firstVideo Games AWESOME dream, and my favorite dream ever.

  13. Joker, get back to the ship and stop played a century-old game. We’re heading to the Citadel.

  14. those “cubans” were clearly speaking portuguese, beign brazilian i find that slightly ofensive and shows that the game makers didn´t care that much

  15. There is no mistake : the cuban soldiers are speaking to angolan kids in portuguese since it’s the official language there (a former colony of Portugal).

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