Nintendo Land is AWESOME!

November 19, 2012 in Nintendo Land, Video Games AWESOME! by

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Wii U is AWESOME! ... Nintendo Land is AWESOME!

10 responses to Nintendo Land is AWESOME!

  1. One of my new favorite episodes
    And record number of views
    Koodoos to you guys
    you rock

  2. Part 3 – 05:10

    Epic lolz.

    • Damn, you beat me to it. I hope this becomes a new login gif.

      I’m sorry Becky for laughing at your pain; but, that was a good hit and your took it like a champ. I hate myself for missing that live. I wish I was in the chat when it happened. Now I know why everyone was telling you to be cautious when Ben gets hold of the Wii controller.

  3. Great show as usual guys. Nice to be able to see all five of you guys playing for once. Also, I’m amazed at how great Becky looked in her costume, she pulled off the princess well.

  4. My advice for Becky and Fraser:

    If you ever play another game where the guys have to swing a wii remote, slouch.

  5. It’s weird. When Fraser got hit in the head I laughed… a lot. But now that Becky got hit I felt really bad.

  6. You guys pout out so much good cant keep up! Damn you work, wished i could stay in everyday! :P

  7. I’m getting a Wii U next week. extremely psyched

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