Prii U Show and Trailer!

November 19, 2012 in Show & Trailer, Video Games AWESOME! by

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Prii U Show & Trailer! ... Wii U is AWESOME!

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  1. On thursday night, I had a dream I was in Fraser’s house, and he said that they were starting the show soon so i could sit on the couch(the one on the show). Becky sat next to me but we just stared off into space.

    My first VGA Dream, and my favorite dream ever.

  2. i´m kind of dissapointed that Ben didn´t wore the dress

  3. btw elvira is totally a GILF

  4. I love how fraser bashes best buy when its best buy is the store that saves the wiiu show (which they would probably recommend a store bought)

  5. Can somebody add or post the link to that awesome music? Thx :D

  6. This installment of Video Games AWESOME made me rofl in real life.

  7. (The jump-cuts by Chris)
    Japanese: Calm, even when they lose lives. Constantly look up flying squirrels. Watch soccer while playing Mario.

    Americans: Angry, especially when they lose lives. Call Grandpa when they can’t beat an enemy in a game. Yell at action figures while playing Zombie U.

    GG, Chris. GG.

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