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Part 6 - Wii U Chat!

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  1. Oh gawd that setup is so good! Like not even trolling it up it’s just soooooo good. WOW!! SO GOOD! No but it is pretty cool.

  2. Fraser asked for comments because he can’t see Turbo chat in the recordings, so here it is:

    I’ve only seen up to and including the video chat yesterday, and it was just the second show I watched live after the show and trailer the day before. And even with the “technical difficulties” and the resulting delay, I think it was the best show you’ve ever done. Even with all the snafu you were thrilled about the thing from the start and just fun to watch.
    And I don’t even want to have a Wii or like any Nintendo games. ^^

    Good thing this one was breaking the live viewer record, I think lots of first time viewers will come again.
    And BTW, Saturdays Show and Trailer did already exceed the 4000 at some point.

  3. Oh, and I was soooo hoping for the rubber gloves after having watched S&T. Awesome. ^^

  4. I was born in 1992 that Wii was meant to be mine! also Frasher, that set up is most certainly MLG PRO!

  5. farm sim 2013 is 13 pounds now which is 20 dollers for you

  6. Does their regular camera film in a mirror image or does the Wii U camera?

  7. The connecting screen on WiiU Chat is so magical with all the ripples and the pretty, which makes the goodbye all that more depressing. A sad wave goodbye as your partner fades into the mist. Heart wrenching. And Fraser the set up is awesome, I’m yet to watch you playing any WiiU games but the set up has got me very excited. My opinion on the WiiU is that it is pretty amazeballs, I definately want one. But I’m gonna be honest, I wanted one since I found out about ZombiU.

  8. Hru turbos Add me guys!!! “Snacks010”

  9. Such a cool set up you guys! Really excited to see what this kind of set will look like in the future.

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