ZombiU is AWESOME!

November 20, 2012 in Video Games AWESOME!, ZombiU by

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  1. ZombiU is very much survivor horror to a lot of degrees from carefully managing items in real time, taking careful shots and swings, and slow pacing. It also takes some things from Demon’s/Dark souls like recovering your items after dying but lose it when you die again, leaving messages to help other players, and killing your friend zombie self (Well in the souls game it seeing other players deaths, progress, and players entering in to your world). At least they gave the game the benefit of the doubt and say it wasn’t for the show but was solid enough for other people to enjoy.

    Now I wonder if they should try Dark souls since it is similar to ZombiU. Well with Dark Souls it has more story in two ways and looks more interesting.

  2. Add me guys!!! “Snacks010”

  3. I have to question the design choice of those dev messages. They shatter the 4th wall in the first minute of the game and from the looks of it, ZombiU is supposed to be an immersive survival horror.

    • I think it was done in reaction to the Gamespot review. They played through the game as if it was an action game rather than a survival game, leading to the 4.5 review score.
      They’ve written other messages since. That 1st message was replaced with “The Prepper isn’t the only one watching you” and the second message they found on the wall was replaced with congratulating the 1st and 2nd people in the US to finish the game.
      It does break the immersion a little initially, but I think it’s worth it for this.

  4. Liking the new camera Frash Frash

  5. so the first survivor looked like kind of like Becky form afar, the second survivor was the very unfortunate Jayden stevens (RIP), the third survivor looked like Fraser if he had hair, the fourth survivor was kind of an ugly girl but she did seem like a cool girl to hang out with you know not during a zombie outbreak, then there was Ethan Mars, the next one did look like a older fatter Fraser, and the last one looked more like Becky than the first one. Anyone else agree or am I just crazy?

  6. For the record, I loved your Raphael quote, Fraser. It made me very happy.

  7. The guys who survive zombies are not just wearing kevlar, but full modern tech motorcycle gear. It’s not only rip-resistant but also padded and reinforced to protect joints from impacts. It’s anti-zombie armor.

  8. Iwould rather call DayZ a survival game without the horror.

  9. These British accents don’t sound British at all. Unsubbing.

  10. I think it would be a 6-7 rating. It’s something I would play around with but not really a game I would take time, sit down, and play it.

  11. One last thing. I DEMAND every Wii U episode that you guys go into the Miiverse and check out what’s going on. Anyways love the stuff. Keep it up!

  12. Heya Frash Frash! Don’t wanna sound like a jerk, but Bucharest is in Romania ( a country near Terpderpkey -> to be read “Turkey” ). I just wanted to let you know that you have fans here in Romania (well at least i am) ^_^. Keep up the good work, guys!

  13. Zombi is making a return! (only without the U.) https://youtu.be/1NvIqYHILqE

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