Hitman Absolution is AWESOME!

November 26, 2012 in Hitman Absolution, Video Games AWESOME! by

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  1. is there a part missing?

  2. Hitman Absolution is a pretty cool game with lots a ways to do a level and some cool abilities but I personally don’t see it as a near perfect game. Perfect game for the show, yes, but not something that is ground breaking. Still, enjoy it for what it is.

  3. 1 person mentions an Easter Egg and Frash Frash blames the whole chat. ain’t that some bull s***

  4. Absolution is a good video game, but a bad Hitman sequel.

    • I absolutely hate this game, but I’m glad they are having fun. Nothing’s worse that an VGA where they aren’t having fun.
      My breaking point with the game were the linear “avoid the cops” sections, but I’m not going to piss on the game in cast. That rude, when they are obviously enjoying it.

      • You hate the game because of the one section that has you ON THE RUN from the cops. That’s just stupid. The game’s story is about 47 GONE ROGUE and to save Victoria from becoming another ”Perfect killer” C’mon now. You’re basically saying the game’s crap because of the one bit in the story that’s more linear than it should for a Hitman game. Time’s change and so does game engines. I for one am happy with what they’ve come up with to make the series fell fresh again. I played the living shiat out of Blood Money and now that Absolution’s out, i’m happy they made some changes and made the overall gameplay more responsive and less stiff. Absolution is not only a stellar Hitman game it’s an amazing stealth/action game.

        • I’m glad you love it, but I still stand by what I mean. 47 to me has always been the hunter, not the hunted. My problems also stem from the disguise system, but I feel that smarter people than me can explain what’s wrong with it better.

          Besides, I never said that the game is Objectively “bad,” I just strongly dislike the changes made to it. Please don’t confuse my opinions with “I am teh right, herr derr, My personal preference shuld bee evryooones.”

          “You’re basically saying the game’s crap because of the one bit in the story that’s more linear than it should for a Hitman game.”

          You don’t seem to understand “Breaking Point.” I (keyword: “I”) had problems with the game before , that was just the final straw. After dodging cops in the train station (on Hard, so it took a few hours) and having to glitch them out to get through without a shootout, I had to do another game of Hide-n-Seek directly after that. I didn’t like that before, and I didn’t want to do it again.

          And please don’t call my opinions “stupid.” I like them better than your’s. I think the story is the reason why those sequences exist. A story where:

          A Texas Stereotype (I’m a Texan) framed a professional Assassin for murder

          The Chicago Police Dept suddenly send squad after squad of men to try and track down some guy who might have killed a maid in a shitty hotel in a shitty neighborhood

          An Agency that performs assassinations now has its own private army, fetish nuns and is a-ok taking over a town on the US mainland in plain daylight.

          It’s flawed. At least admit it.

  5. Agent 47 should’ve just said “th-there’s been a shooting” in part 3.

  6. The “Make it BIGGER!” button isn’t working and brings you to a smaller Part 7.

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