Codex Collecting! Assassin’s Creed II is LONESOME!

November 30, 2012 in Assassin's Creed II, Video Games AWESOME! by

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Episode 4 ... Codex Collecting! ... Episode 5

10 responses to Codex Collecting! Assassin’s Creed II is LONESOME!

  1. Turbos should strategically try and make this the most watched video in VGA history. We will show Fraser what he gets when he tries to tell people not to watch the show >:D

  2. There were times during this where I couldn’t help but feel like I was being trolled somehow.

  3. I think the studio will be overrun if they get anymore stuffed animals!

  4. It’s so boring it entertaining :D

  5. I kept this in the background while doing accounting work, it gave me something to listen to and duration was almost perfect. Thanks Frash Frash!

  6. I’ve actually missed video games lonesome. It’s so relaxing and casual. Not as entertaining as VGA, but that isn’t to be expected.

  7. When I want to watch the video I get “Playback error at (here is some site)”. I know I can watch it on youtube, but I still think you should know, because I don’t have such trouble with your other videos (I just checked).

  8. I think people watch VGL! in hopes of blastoff365 returning.

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