Playstation Allstars is AWESOME!

December 1, 2012 in Playstation Allstars, Video Games AWESOME! by

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  1. Becky confirmed for the cutest princess ever

  2. Kyle should work for Mcdonalds

  3. Overall I think this was an okay game, only slightly below Smash Bros in terms of quality.

    The main issues being the lack of profiles (assuming that is the case) to identify who was who and the limited character selection. The latter can certainly be fixed with DLC, though assuming they charge for it you are paying even more than the retail price to have a roster comparable to Smash Bros. I actually like the way the killing works in the game, being more akin to building up supers in Street Fighter. Though it would be nice to be able to score kills with a perfectly placed heavy attack or something, so that you don’t HAVE to rely on the super. As I am writing this though, I did think there were some balance issues in terms of supers, though I could say the same thing about the ones in Smash Bros. (Link’s for example had incredibly short range compared to many other)

    TL;DR version. A decent game, only slightly inferior to Smash Bros. Worth it if you don’t have a Wii, or you really like the mascot fighter genre.

  4. Fraser making sure everyone has the buttons down was kind of amusing, considering you guys never really learned the basic controls of Brawl. Doubly amusing since, and I have not played myself, this game seems more button-mashing friendly. Fun show as always though, Four Play Friday is the best kind of Friday.

  5. I just love to play with my friends and as Sly make myself invinsible and hide away in a corner like an asshole.

  6. Let the Chaos…..Begin !

  7. Is it not completely uploaded yet? I’m only getting to part 5 here and part 11 on youtube… happening to anyone else?

  8. Maaan, Kyle is creepy as heck in this.

  9. kyle really stepped his game up from fighting ness.

  10. Wowzers deacon looks cute XD
    What no one is kratos? XD

  11. Deacon is too good as Big Daddy. I laughed my ass off every time he unleashes hell on the cast.

  12. I just realized becky must have been baking in that costume. Hey becky how hot was it in that costume?

  13. Cole isn’t really a good character for Fraser, but is an awesome character in his own game, regardless of speed(I’m thinking they based Cole’s speed on how he moves in his game, because the enemies in his game are basically the same speed as Cole).

  14. Becky and Fraser should I get a ps3

  15. I think I almost died when I saw Nariko in the line-up! She’s is DEFINITELY in my top 3 favorite female characters of all time! You guy’s REALLY should play Heavenly Sword, it’s frikin AMAZING! I already know Becky will love Nariko and ADORE Kai!

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