The Walking Dead is AWESOME! – Episode 5

December 2, 2012 in The Walking Dead, Video Games AWESOME! by

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  1. Wait what was the train glitch again? I completely blank.

    • The camera would flip out when exiting the train in episode 3, and they had to reload the game a couple times until it fixed itself.
      EDIT: Oops, didn’t see the reply below.

  2. When he walked out of the car on the train and the camera went wonky and you could only stare at the trees in the distance. He could go back into the car but everytime he left, it was borked. They had to restart.

  3. I teared up, like Fraser.

    Becky! What do you mean you don’t cry! You cried when you got scared in Slender!

  4. this show is bad for my health. i laugh to the point where i can’t breathe, i get pissed at things to the point where i just throw things on the floor, and i cry so much to the point where my family thinks i have issues. ugh. how do i quit you guys? lol.

  5. I knew it was coming since I had seen the end played through before, but I cried even worse this second time ._. Thank god I’m in a single apartment.

    Also I’m glad at least one of you teared up! There’s no shame in feeling so invested in such an emotional story.

  6. The difference between the comic and the game is that comic takes things slow and builds storylines up for a while then shit hits the fan out of nowhere and that ties in to another storyline. The game is trying to tell a more confined story and doesn’t have the financial freedom comic has. So it hits hard every episode because there is no other episodes. But yes there is some awful horrible shit in the comic. After 100 issues I just stopped reading it, It didn’t feel like entertainment anymore.

  7. This actually had me on the edge of my seat the entire time watching this. It takes quite a bit of skill to get the audience to be very invested in all the characters and I have to congratulate Telltale for the incredible storytelling. Amazing show.

  8. I just want everyone to take screencap of their face when Lee cut of his arm and use it as their avatar.

  9. i have been waiting for you guys to play, it was avoiding spoilers on tumblr and youtube and evan my mom almost spoiled it >.<. But God i cried my eyes out and now i am dehydrated

  10. Its funny to know this game is Canon to the Comics.

    Lily the daughter of Larry goes on to kill Lori and the Baby in the comics then kill the Governor so its awesome to see her origin.

    And I too cried like a baby at the end.

  11. Lee will remember you left his arm behind…

  12. Lee’s arm will remember you left him behind.

  13. mmm delicious tears, nom nom nom nom

  14. It doesn’t TUG at your heartstrings. It rips them out and shows them to your face.

  15. The only thing about this is that I wish they didn’t stop, because Kenny’s death scene with Ben is so much better than what they got here.

  16. I can’t tell what is a sadder ending
    Deadly premonition or this

    • Theyre different kinds of sadness. Walking Dead’s ending is a gradual descent into an omnipresent depression. Deadly Premonition starts to go batshit crazy around the third act until it punches you with a freight train to the gut.

  17. Finally got around to watching these episodes. Had to take a break between 4 and 5 because I just…couldn’t handle that much sad back to back. God, this was depressing. Damn good but depressing.

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