Assassin’s Creed II is AWESOME! – Episode 5

December 3, 2012 in Assassin's Creed II, Video Games AWESOME! by

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  1. I missed the live show! Why does it end so abruptly?

  2. wait what happened after part 37?

  3. I missed the live show….did they finish the game?

    • Nope. After the Boat mission, Fraser really couldn’t get back into enjoying the game. But he soldiered on and got to the final mission of the DLC. At which point someone in the chat either trolled or just outright lied, telling the gang that it would take them another 3 hours to complete the game.

      (If you’re wondering, they actually have about 45mins to 1hr left, 5 to 10mins of that being what was left of the DLC)

      That was basically the straw that broke Fraser’s back so to speak and he decided to end the show and finish AC2 another time once he was in a better mood for it.

  4. I didn’t see the live show. At the end, the post show part I guess, did he mention plans for future shows?

  5. the worst part is it was only 1 guy who said it would be another 3 hours, not that is matters now.

  6. If they got to the end of the DLC, shouldn’t there be a part 38? 37 ends at 6/9 lieutenants killed and Fraser saying they’ll be right back after a break.

    Since there’s not that much game left, I’d suggest finding the AC2 “Truth” video on youtube for the final episode. The glyph puzzles get more and more annoying. Also Fraser doesn’t enjoy climbing big buildings so he’s definitely not doing another Lonesome episode.

  7. But did they guy say that during the break or something?

  8. If you mean did he say it after the end of Part 37, then no. There should be at least another video after that one. Not sure why it isn’t up yet.

  9. Eh, I wouldn’t say upset. Like I said before, he just couldn’t get back into the mood for enjoying the game and the rest of it just ended up feeling like a chore for him.

  10. I seriously wanna buy Fraser and Ben a Bear now…Shame they dont sell one on ebay TTATT

  11. I was right back in AC1 that if Fraser don’t learn the system correctly, he won’t find much more enjoyment out of ACII. ACII being so much better (except for the mission structure, which is indeed far more varied than the original) is an illusion; mechanics didn’t change at all. The crew constantly talking over in-game tutorial texts and cutscenes didn’t help, either. Mistook Rodrigo for Silvio, lol.

    Brotherhood is when variety truly starts to shine. No mechanic changes still, but kill streaks sure ease the frustration a hell lot.

  12. I ragequit the second DLC at the point where Fraser got annoyed with it. It’s not a fun mission at all.

  13. Alright. Now.. How about the continuing adventures of Space Duck?

  14. Was there still any gameplay in the unofficial part 38? Because I would really like to see the ending in that case.

  15. Part 38 is up on their youtube account, if people are still looking for it.

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