Mass Effect 3 is AWESOME!

December 10, 2012 in Mass Effect 3, Video Games AWESOME! by

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  1. You know it’s a good thing when the thumbnail alone makes you laugh out loud.

  2. Space Duck returns!

    *salutes* Quack, quack!

  3. I’m Australian and Fraser I guarantee you that you were spot on with the accent

  4. That is so weird.
    I played ME 2 and 3 and made a character that was something like SpaceDuck’s less known sister (bald grayish woman with elongated face I namedSpaceTurtle).

    I don’t remember characters looking so ugly :/ It is rather bizzare that SpaceDuck on VGA looked like a fatter scar-less version of the previous glorious self.

    Anyways, I love Mass Effect playthroughs – it was something so big, yet so entertaining, I even had a habit to watch few parts every day after work :) Thank’s for entertainment Frash-Frash&Co!

  5. I love how the Earth is being destroyed in the thumbnail and Fraser’s just laughing his ass off

  6. Yeah for some reason my FemShep’s features were more subdued when I imported her into ME3. However, when I imported my MaleShep in, his features looked more or less the same.

    Judging by how Fraser is interested in these conversations around the Citadel AND the Normandy, I’m pretty sure he’ll have no problem gathering reputation points or side missions. Can’t wait til they get into some Story and I hope their views on Ashley changes since she’s really not all that bad. Ah well.

  7. Wow, they really screwed up the character creator. I never noticed because my Shep wasn’t extreme like Space Duck. Space Duck has been ruined.

  8. For when I become a turbo(Later in life)I would like someone to tell me what is the regular chat that is on the show and what is shadow chat?

  9. Fraser needs to eventually download the extended edition for the better endings

  10. Hey.. I didn’t know that.. but on the WiiU version, there’s a 20min cut scene that resumes the entire story from ME1 and ME2, and the player can make the same choices trough the cut scene… Its the ‘solution’ to the import data that bioware found for players who prefered the WiiU version.

    Frashar should get the Extended cut, it adds some cut scenes during the game, as well as a better and longer ending.
    a please, play the Omega DLC before ending the game…

  11. I reccommend you guys get all the DLCs done before you finish the main story!

  12. Apparently you can transfer saves to PC.

    From what I’ve read, it involves transfering your save to a USB drive, using a program to extract the save file, and then converting it from an .xbsav to a .pcsav with a save editor.

    The PC version doesn’t support gamepads, and even if you were to use a keyboard/mouse emulator; I can’t imagine it being anything but annoying to navigate the skills menu.

  13. Boner Holocaust…
    Weird… XD But still funny as hell!
    Prii shows ftw

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