Assassin’s Creed 2 is AWESOME! – Episode 6

December 11, 2012 in Assassin's Creed II, Video Games AWESOME! by

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  1. Could someone explain what Don’t abuse /me in Twitch chat means?

  2. I feel like they shouldn’t continue with the series if they weren’t into the story, specially with the twist at the end. If their expecting for the series to be crazier later on and want that level of crazy to be like other open world games than they really need to stop because the series isn’t going to be like that and never will.

    It funny how they liked the modern world characters more where most people really like the past characters more.

  3. It sure is a good thing VGA went turbo only chat to avoid spoilers, huh? /sarcasm At least the gang didn’t notice them thanks to some quick mod work, but still.

    Also, that ending sucked, a lot. ;p

  4. Fraser, if you have the time, take a read of the Codex pages on the wall of the manor. It’s written by Altair, and what he did during the decades he spent studying the Apple of Eden up until his death.

  5. I don’t get why the series is so loved…maybe it’s just the next games that made it sound so great. Although I thought the same about this one…I mean I liked revelations and loved Ezio, but this Ezio seems like a bland character for a lot of this game. The combat in it is so great feeling, which I will hope is changed in the next game. So I think the series will get better but the first 2 games may make it easier to make fun of. But still, I will hope to see the series played as I have seen all the endings of all the games so you know, meh. Hope it’s good. One last thing Fraser, this game is kinda old so maybe it was great at it’s time so maybe that will mean the newer games will be better, either way, ENJOY THE SERIES!

  6. If you guys don’t like the next one!…… idk what to tell ya that’s my favorite one.

    Also maybe you should try the next game on a console? There’s always a glitch or two (especially for you guys) but you seem to be getting a lot and some pretty bad glitches. Like that one right before the end. I can’t even wrap my head around HOW that happened. You literally did NOTHING after you beat him and somehow it fucked up. Maybe the PC port really sucks? I know you like to flex your PC gaming dick but maybe you should consider playing the next one on the consoles for a potentially smoother experience.

    • Can’t vouche for PS3 versions but i’ve played AC 1 and 2 on both PC and Xbox and i’ve had about equal amounts of trouble (albiet not very much, guess i’m lucky) so i doubt i’d go smoother for them just because its Fraser and he has an incredible gift of finding all the glitches. I do prefer PC for the looks but some games just feel better with a controller like AC. So i’m going the Frasher route and getting me a controller for my PC, especially since steam now has it’s ‘Big Picture’

      Either way that ending always bugged me. I hated it sooo much. I get they want you to like Ezio but seriously the Pope guy deserves death. We’re talking about a guy who has killed literally hundreds of thousands and is a sick twisted pervert and yet Ezio lives? I think he’s forgetting the ‘greater good’ aspect. That guys death would bring more good and Ezio is already willing to kill in the name of the greater good so that super cliched ending really ended the series for me on a flat note. Haven’t gotten to AC3 yet but i think i’m gonna wait a while.

      • I love ACII, and even I have to agree with the suckage of Ezio’s mercy. Even before they announced Brotherhood, I felt Rodrigo’s spared life stank of a sequel. Thankfully, no such stunt was ever pulled in the future. They really could’ve thought of some other way to explain how the Pope survived instead of showing Ezio’s unshown mercy.

  7. “Politics / History / Religion with Fraser” is allways my favorite part of the show ^^

  8. Im pretty sure I read a Mod say one time that “If you guys keep up with spoilers and bad snarf,theres gonna be more than just a time out” Well… NO because CamilionK snarfed more than 2 times a HUGE spoiler, and he only got time out twice! HELLO!! Please follow your one rules mod, and dont just time out shit like that, ban them for a week or something

  9. i liked the ending it added more to the plot :) cant wait to see them play brotherhood because the combat is better and story with the borgia family is awesome

  10. I don’t think they should continue playing the AC series. Side quests have come to define the series, and have massively complemented the main story/main character starting Brotherhood. Since they have no interest in the glyphs and the lairs, they’ll never get the full story in latter games. ACI and, to a lesser extent, ACII, are probably the only games in the series you can rush through without side quests and get the full picture of the Assassins’ stories, but Bro, Rev, and III don’t work the same way. I would suggest them playing fully outside of the show where they’ll be less under pressure to keep the show going.

  11. I’m so glad you guys have played these, not only have they made for great episodes but have also justified my feelings on the series.
    I remember waiting months to play the first one only to end up quitting after the first assassination. I didn’t pick it back up until Brotherhood which is much more open world but still suffers from a lot of the same derps and control issues of first. Every time I’ve tried to play one of them I think “Man, this COULD be so good if (insert list of super annoying issues)”.

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