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  1. Regarding Prii Show:

    I face-palmed because I have horded too much stuff. I’m terrible at inventory management >.<
    Still fun though, and good show!

  2. Music in this game sounded so familiar that I had to search the wiki a bit. Turns out that Michael McCann worked on it, same person that was involved with Deus Ex HR. Needless to say, music is pretty amazing.

  3. I cant belive I missed this show T_T
    just when the shadwo chat finally gets the spotlight and fraser plays one of my favorite games ever!
    why did I have to oversleep taht day :((((

  4. I have such sweet memories of playing the first XCom on my dad’s 486 PC when i was a child…

  5. It’s wierd seeing Fraser play a game that he’s competent at

  6. Pocahontas came at the same time when Lion King was out.
    So not only this movie avoided attention, but also criticism. Of course now we know and psy more attention

  7. DAMN! The one game I’ve tested and I’m not even there when Fraser plays it. So annoying.

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