VGAxVGAs 2012 Show and Trailer!

December 16, 2012 in Show & Trailer, Video Games AWESOME! by

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  1. Wii mini…I love the beginning to that part.

  2. I watched the whole live show but what the hell here’s to a other 6 hours!

  3. i´ve watched The Hobbit yesterday and it didn´t made any difference those 48 fps, i don´t know what people are talking about, i didn´t even noticed the increased framerate during the movie

  4. Ugggh… Anne Hathaway is going to SUCK as Fantine in Les Miserables! As if she wasn’t bad enough as Catwoman…

  5. Finally watching all the episodes I missed! Also Fraser you probably aren’t going to see this, but the problem people had with the rape scene was how one of the members of the team talked about it.
    He basically said that the point was so that you would want to “protect” Lara and that even female gamers have no need to see a girl be heroic or place themselves in her shoes.
    There’s also the issue of rape constantly being used to “develop” a female character and give them a sense of added danger. With male characters, dangerous situations are usually equal to his life being in danger. With female characters, rape just happens to be something that “happens to girls”, so that’s usually the lazy and slightly problematic go-to to place her in danger.
    I’m really hoping that the point of the game will be for the player to identify and have fun playing as Lara and not just protect her from the big scary rapey men.

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