Phoenix Wright: Justice For All is AWESOME! – Episode 2

December 20, 2012 in Phoenix Wright: Justice for All, Video Games AWESOME! by

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  1. has anyone else been having issues with the blip embeds where the titles and text are not appearing alongside the thumbnails when you view the playlist?

  2. Judge saying he smelt gunpowder was necessary for Phoenix to tie the hole to the murder. Otherwise, Franzy could’ve just said the hold wasn’t related to the incident. But I agree that more was needed to make you realize the discrepancy w/ no burns on the clothes. I’ve played the game before and it still took me a few minutes to realize it.

    • My thing about the lack of burn marks is this: If there were burn marks around the bullet hole, the game would have said there were burn marks. Period. It’s a bit of thinking, yes, but the outcry against it (and the game’s logic in general) was a big overreaction. A lot of the complaints during the playthrough are about things the mystery hasn’t gotten to yet. It’s not going to hand you every detail on a silver platter. Complaining so much about how the case makes no sense when you’re in the middle of the mystery and don’t have all the details is ignoring the very structure of these cases, I think.

      • Well, sure, you’re supposed to be left in the dark most of the time, but keep in mind how Fraser submitted the curtain for the hell of it–the game was EXPECTING him to already know what to submit at that point, and Phoenix was acting cool and confident all the while Frash was still having trouble believing what Phoenix himself was saying.

        You’re not supposed to know everything, but you should realize something critical at least a few moments BEFORE the game tells you it.

  3. You can’t blame 417 misreadings on a single typo, Frash Frash.

  4. Phoenix Wright…your killing me here game…your killing me!

  5. This game seems to not be as strong as some of the others in the franchise. Its logic seems wonkier than usual, and as Fraser explained you either reach conclusions way sooner than Phoenix, or Phoenix reaches conclusions on his own that come out of nowhere.

    • Actually, it’s the weakest of the trilogy, I think. But the last case is quite interesting.

      • I dunno, maybe it’s because I played this one first and am thus fond of it, but I think it’s the second best game in the series behind the third game. (Although I largely agree that the third case is not that good … I think many of Fraser’s complaints about this case apply MUCH better to the next one. It’ll drive the poor guy crazy!)

  6. Becky is quite the Hotti.

    (See what I did there?)

  7. Becky’s voice acting is making me smile to much, my face hurts. Also Ben is really quite in this series. It seems like there could be a episode where Ben doesn’t say one word the whole time.

  8. So, I haven’t watched their OoT playthrough for spoiler reasons but I heard from a friend that Fraser has a DS capture card now. Does that mean we can expect Apollo Justice and AA: Investigations after JFA and T&T?
    If anything, Investigations in particular would be PERFECT for the VGA crew, seeing as how it’s the most humorous and least-dark game of the series (Also, I freaking love Kay, and Case 5 is probably my favorite case of the ENTIRE AA series).

    • yes, they were playing OOT on a 3DS. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them play or to see them skip Apollo Justice or Investigations after JFA (if they even get that far) since the new 3DS AA game will probably be out by then.

  9. Having just played through the first trial part of reunion and turnabout I agree with fraser on the “how would i know to present the key at that particular time” bit of the game

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